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The True Self by Lokesh Babu | Unlock the Chaos in You

Publisher: Leadstart publishing | Genre: Self Help, Personal Transformation

The True Self - Unlock the Chaos in You

Title: The True Self: Unlock the Chaos in You

Author: Lokesh Babu

Publisher: Leadstart publishing

Genre: Self Help, Personal Transformation

First Publication: 2021

Language: English


Book Summary: The True Self by Lokesh Babu

The True Self is a timeless journey of philosophical teachings from across history and all over the world. Told through the lens of Lokesh’s own life, from his troubled teenage years in India and the heartbreaking death of his mother, to the joy of fatherhood and his resilience in the face of illness, his recent time in India during COVID pandemic, caring for his father till his last breath, he became a witness to many things. This book offers a starting point for those asking the big questions in life: Who am I? Why am I here? And what is my True Self? His is a journey we can all relate to, and the peace he has found is one we can all attain.

A spiritual guide told in an honest, intimate style The True Self is a personal journey through universal wisdom. An annotated collection of philosophical texts, from ancient teachings to modern philosophy, about the purpose and meaning of life.

Book Review - The True Self - Unlock the Chaos in You

Book Review: The True Self by Lokesh Babu

What is it that makes life worth living? Is it the pursuit of happiness? Attaining success? As human beings living in a vast and endless universe, what are we actually living for? We look backwards rummaging through our past examining our own mistakes, failures, and losses and what we could’ve done to correct those that which cannot be changed. We yearn for the truth about our own existence where pain, suffering, loss, and even death is inevitable, but amidst those darkest moments, we rise above those conditions and grow beyond them.

Humans are defined by their sense of personality, their experiences and their reasoning. The hunger for finding true self guides us throughout our lives. Our tendency is to believe that the face we see in the mirror is us, a thing that has developed a personality through experience. Here, the body is no more than a tool for the mind, the true self. In this book by Lokesh Babu, you will find all the spiritual answers, clarity, and guidance that you are looking for on your path. It will help you attain inner peace and inner freedom. Additionally, it will help you attain positive strength, happiness, and higher levels of consciousness.

In The True Self, Lokesh Babu presents his fresh and inspiring perspective on the philosophy of purpose in life alongside practical advice for the reader. Taking inspiration from the author’s own life, wisdom of existential philosophers, the insights and research of psychologists, and case studies from his own and others’ experiences, as well as stories from the Vedas and Upanishads, the reader will learn how becoming who you are is a way to happiness, peace of mind, and even sanctity.

Using simple, but powerful prose, Lokesh Babu demonstrates how people around us affect and shape our emotional lives unconsciously. Lokesh Babu’s story about suffering in teenage years will sure resonate with readers. This is an excellent book for learning more about yourself, how you became the way you are, and also as a possible source of help regarding the causes and cure of any emotional difficulties you may have. It will also help you better understand the people around you and how they came to be the way they are. It is a good source of psychological knowledge.

The True Self was a transformative and life-affirming read. Brimming with illuminating insights, Lokesh Babu explores, analyses, and shares his own harrowing experiences. More than that, he delves into numerous ways in how he sees suffering and pain as a part of life. These philosophical truths and therapeutic method hit close to home. For someone who has been wandering and wondering about meaning and purpose of life, this gave me a better understanding about life, offered me a glimmer of hope, and provided an enormous relief.

Are you going through a crisis or at a crossroad in life whereby you are in need of answers, meaning and spiritual direction for fulfillment and purposeful existence? If your answer is in the affirmative, here is a book that will definitely be of immense help to guide and assist in resurrecting and connecting you back together with your true self.

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