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The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

A Witty and Addictive Mystery That Will Have You Laughing and Gasping

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Title: The Thursday Murder Club

Author: Richard Osman

Series: Thursday Murder Club Book #1

Publisher: Viking

Genre: Detective Fiction, Mystery Thriller

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet up once a week to investigate unsolved murders.

But when a brutal killing takes place on their very doorstep, the Thursday Murder Club find themselves in the middle of their first live case. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron might be pushing eighty but they still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Can our unorthodox but brilliant gang catch the killer before it’s too late?

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Book Review: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Cozy mysteries are the perfect escape from reality, offering a delightful blend of intrigue, humour, and warmth that make them the ultimate feel-good read. These books typically feature amateur sleuths solving crimes in quaint, charming settings, with plenty of quirky characters, delectable food, and cozy settings. Whether you prefer to curl up with a cup of tea and a classic whodunit or a modern take on the genre with a twist, cozy mysteries are sure to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. With their charming settings and lovable characters, these books are perfect for anyone looking for a cozy and comforting read that still packs a punch.

When I first picked up The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A cozy mystery about a group of retirees investigating murders at their retirement village? Sounded intriguing, but also a bit odd. But I dove in anyway, and boy am I glad I did.

Alright, guys and gals, let’s get one thing straight: I am NOT a detective. But after reading “The Thursday Murder Club” by Richard Osman, I feel like I could solve a murder case with one hand tied behind my back. This book had me hooked from the get-go and I couldn’t put it down until I reached the end. And trust me, with my short attention span, that’s saying something.

Let’s start with the characters. They’re the heart and soul of this book. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron are the members of the Thursday Murder Club, a group that meets weekly to discuss cold cases and true crime. They’re a diverse bunch, each with their own quirks and personalities. Elizabeth is the de facto leader, sharp as a tack and always one step ahead. Joyce is the sassy one, never afraid to speak her mind. Ibrahim is the empathetic one, always seeing the good in people. And Ron is the former union boss, with a heart of gold and a penchant for mischief. Sounds like a snoozefest, right? WRONG. These characters are some of the most hilarious and charming people you’ll ever meet. From the sassy and sharp-tongued Elizabeth to the lovable and sweet Joyce, each member of the club brings something unique to the table.

As a group, they’re unstoppable. They’re like the Golden Girls, but instead of cheesecake, they solve murders. And they do it with such charm and wit that you can’t help but root for them. When they’re not cracking cases, they’re making each other laugh or bickering like an old married couple. It’s the kind of friendship we all hope to have in our golden years.

But enough about the characters. Let’s talk about the plot. The Thursday Murder Club tackles not one, but two murders that occur at their retirement village. The first is a wealthy businessman who dies under suspicious circumstances, and the second is a local builder who’s found dead in his own home. The group jumps at the chance to investigate, using their combined skills and resources to gather clues and interview suspects.

The mystery itself is well-crafted, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. And the way Osman weaves together the two seemingly unrelated murders is truly impressive. But what sets this book apart from other cozy mysteries is the humor. Osman has a sharp wit, and he infuses the story with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. From the way Elizabeth shuts down anyone who underestimates her to the way Joyce flirts shamelessly with the young police detective, the humor in this book is top-notch.

One of the themes explored in the book is the idea that age is just a number. The characters may be in their eighties, but they are still sharp, active, and engaged with life. They are also shown to have rich and complex inner lives, with dreams, regrets, and fears just like anyone else. The book is a celebration of aging, and a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue your passions, make new friends, and solve a murder or two.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. There are moments of heartbreak and tragedy that will tug at your heartstrings. But even in those moments, the characters find a way to inject some levity. It’s a delicate balance, but Osman pulls it off beautifully.

Richard Osman, a master of the crime writing craft, possesses a unique set of skills that sets him apart in the realm of mystery and intrigue. Like a surgeon meticulously dissecting a complex case, Osman skillfully weaves together elements of suspense, wit, and intricate plotlines to create captivating crime novels. His storytelling prowess is akin to a magician’s sleight of hand, leaving readers spellbound with each twist and turn.

What truly sets Osman apart as one of the best crime writers is his ability to inject humor into the darkest of narratives. Like a comedic maestro, he skillfully blends wit and levity with the gravity of crime, resulting in a delightful juxtaposition. The laughter that spills from the pages is a breath of fresh air, offering a welcome reprieve amidst the tension and suspense. It’s as if Osman extends an invitation, beckoning readers to join him in a whimsical dance through the shadowy recesses of the human psyche.

Overall, I loved The Thursday Murder Club. It’s a cozy mystery with heart, humor, and a cast of characters you’ll want to befriend immediately. It’s the kind of book that makes you feel good, even when you’re reading about murder. And isn’t that the best kind of book? All joking aside, “The Thursday Murder Club” is a fantastic book that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good mystery novel. It’s got humor, suspense, and heart all rolled into one. And if you’re worried about the fact that it’s set in a retirement village, don’t be. These characters will surprise you in the best way possible. So go ahead and give it a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up becoming a detective too.

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