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The Power Of Awakened Mind by Neeraj Rai

The Power Of Awakened Mind by Neeraj Rai

Title: The Power Of Awakened Mind: Discover Your Spiritual Hero

Author: Neeraj Rai

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Spirituality, Personal Transformation

First Publication: 2021

Language: English


Book Summary: The Power Of Awakened Mind by Neeraj Rai

Do you know that there is a spiritual Super Hero hidden within you?

But unknowingly we imprison our Super Hero?

The Power of Awakened Mind is a brilliantly crafted powerful guide to eliminate the identity blocks and develop the Higher Mind having miraculous powers.

It introduces unexplored dimensions of Higher Mind which connects to Cosmic Intelligence and also presents a simple step-by-step guide to harness its powers to live an expanded and heroic life.

The Power Of Awakened Mind by Neeraj Rai

Book Review: The Power Of Awakened Mind by Neeraj Rai

Neeraj Rai’s The Power Of Awakened Mind is psychological and spiritual bootcamp. If the principles of this book are practiced for a person’s lifetime, then this book does have the power to change who you think you are and even where you are.

Living a conscious life is the main thrust of The Power Of Awakened Mind – be “awake” as you live your life to live a more meaningful life. As you become conscious of your actions you begin to become whole. One aspect of becoming whole is letting go of the mental baggage that keeps you chained to old bad habits, to fears and doubts that keep you from growing and realizing your own great potential.

Neeraj Rai does extremely well in summarizing and dwelling on key aspects of our mind and human happiness. While he does not delve deep into religion, the book is still very spiritual with insights into the human mind. The book starts off especially well on how we need to watch our thoughts in a non-judgemental manner. The subsequent chapters move into living in the moment, letting go and being free of pain and suffering.

We all have a little voice inside our heads that constantly narrates all of the events of our lives. Often we get so used to this voice endlessly droning on that we aren’t even consciously aware of what this voice is saying or how it subconsciously affects everything in our lives. The Power Of Awakened Mind seeks to make us aware of that little voice. To gain an understanding of what that voice is saying and how it affects us in our choices and our view of the world. Then, this book asks us to open ourselves to the possibilities to a whole different way of thinking, feeling, and being.

The author takes us on the journey inward while tapping into the traditions of meditation and mindfulness among others, and weaves in his own philosophy and unique insights. He delves into the mysterious workings of our inner lives and our universe to work up to a release of our true self. This self is the essence of our being. This author has the power to give you a new perspective on life to appreciate yourself and all living beings that surround you.

The simplicity of the author’s writing style combined with insightful analogies related to very complex concepts is stunning and effective. Neeraj Rai addresses the matters of consciousness, enlightenment, death, and meditation in a way that makes it easily understandable. He asks right questions, pointing out the awareness about trivial things that we stop thinking about and doing unconsciously, thus, making our lives miserable due to factors that we have no influence upon. It is philosophical, but in the same time also practical read about how to live life unleashed, the art of choices and tricks that our brain plays with us.

Highly recommended.

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