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The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala

The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala_

Title: The Midnight Scrawls

Author: Fatema Pocketwala

Publisher: Leadstart

Genre: Poetry

First Publication: 2022

Language: English


Book Summary: The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala

The Midnight Scrawls is a collection of poems about love, relationships, hardships, tears, joy, pain, betrayal, friendship, war, hope, faith, etc, everything that a person experiences in his life. Whether they are bitter truths, dark phases of life or happy endings. Each poem represents different emotions and incidents in a person’s life. It highlights the dark chapters in a person’s life and also the sweet moments of life which a person always cherishes.

Book Review - The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala_

Book Review: The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala

It’s amazing how words can evoke emotions and give us a sense of firsthand experience, all without requiring us to leave the comfort of our own minds. Explore places we’ve never been to before and meet people that only exists in the pages of a book. However, in contrast to fictional books, poetry is intrinsically linked to the poets who write it. In doing so, they provide a glimpse into who they are to those who are sensitive enough to decipher the nuances. Perhaps one of the most significant things that poetry has the ability to provide is raw, unbridled honesty.

The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala is a collection of poems that gives the reader insight into the mind when relaxed and reminiscing over the events that have happened, whether a day or years ago. Fatema’s writing reignites those feelings and emotions that have been crawled deep inside the crevices of our being. What a magnificent collection of poetry encompassing a wide range of themes, from love and relationships to suffering and joy, sorrow and betrayal, friendship and war, hope and faith, each word painting a careful image that slices into you.

Poems might be difficult for people to understand at times. It’s just the nature of it. It, like paintings, demands self-interpretation. The simplicity with which readers may connect their own experiences and perspectives to the poet’s words is one of the qualities of this poetry collection that I find most impressive. It was as if the author had tapped into the reader’s mind and written out their innermost thoughts and emotions. This collection was very stunning in its own right.

A collection of poignant, beautifully crafted verses, The Midnight Scrawls by Fatema Pocketwala is the kind of poetry book that touches your heart, mind, and soul. Her turn of phrase, use of imagery, rhythm, and repetition create vividly written, captivating poems that make the reader step into her skin and see the world through her lens. Most importantly, the topics that she covers in this book and some of her own personal experiences are written with such a resonating quality that you cannot help but be able to relate to her words.

The writing of Fatema Pocketwala is vibrant and replete with eloquence. Her ability to translate her own thoughts into intricate details while maintaining the essence of the original idea was quite astounding. Her poetry in this anthology is eloquent, thoughtful, and comprehensive. Reading Fatema’s poetry is like being enchanted by beautiful lyricism. This is a book best read slowly, out loud, in your bed during the late hours of the night when nothing feels real. The Midnight Scrawls is a must-read collection for anyone who enjoys poetry, romance, love, affection, and the little transitions in the journey of human relations that many of us experience or long to experience.



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