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The Housewife by Aarti

Publisher: The Write Place | Genre: Crime Thriller

Title: The Housewife

Author: Aarti

Publisher: The Write Place

Genre: Crime Thriller

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: The Housewife by Aarti

This story of a model housewife, Ava, and her best friend forever, Jennifer, will bring alive your own life experiences – with moments that you will instantly identify with and relate to! Ava and Jennifer both find themselves thrown off balance from their otherwise routine and serene family lives when they meet an old friend after many years. The foundation of friendship rests on love, trust, and mutual respect but what happens when secrets start thriving? It’s impossible not to think of what will happen next when Ava wakes up in a pool of blood … of her good friend. Trust breaks, a secret finds its centre stage, and friendship is put to the test.

The Housewife by Aarti is the story of two strong women, a housewife and her best friend, who stand together as their worlds turn upside down. Will they build each other up or pull each other down? Read the book to know the greatest story never told before of true friendship. The end is just the beginning!

Book Review: The Housewife by Aarti

The Housewife by Aarti is an engaging story filled with mystery, centering the lives of two best friends, Ava and Jennifer, and their problematic circumstances. The setting in Hawaii, the characters, and the storyline were all carefully contemplated and nicely narrated.

This story is told in first-person narrative from Ava’s point of view and methodically shifts focus between her friendship with Jennifer and their personal lives as the plot slowly creeps up to the night of the mystery.

The friendship between Ava and Jennifer was well-executed. There was plenty of drama to go around. As the story The Housewife unfolds, the layers of the characters are unravelled. Everyone has tragedies. Everyone has secrets. This is a very deep book hiding under a veneer of chick-lit and drama. I also thought the book built suspense quite well.

The writing was fantastic: Intelligent, realistic, and held my interest pretty securely. The characters were believable and imperfect. I felt that each of their reactions to the problems they were given were spot-on. What I loved most about this story was the natural ease of the dialogue and the truly mysterious plot that kept me guessing straight to the end.

There were many themes explored in the book! The story illustrates that people really don’t always know their friends and loved ones as they might think. The power of friendship and just doing the right thing is well depicted.

The Housewife by Aarti is an interesting story having gripping dialogues with touches of humor, multi-dimensional characters, with lots of aspects to them. Characters who make mistakes, fall prey to others, and well, they’re not perfect. Author Aarti seems a master at portraying emotions in the simplest of ways. The mystery surrounding the storyline is amazing and it makes you read more and more and before you know it, it’s over. Highly recommended.

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