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The Goodness of Bad by Ravi Raman

The Goodness of Bad by Ravi Raman

Title: The Goodness of Bad

Author: Ravi Raman

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Biography

First Publication: 2022

Language: English


Book Summary: The Goodness of Bad by Ravi Raman

Out of the blue, during a discussion on child molestation, my wife remarked, “My mother advised us to never believe men.” I was left stunned as she painted all men with one brush. But coming from my life companion and a well-respected counsellor, set me thinking. What she had said had a much deeper relevance than what met my eye.

An IIT’ian at heart, after some dithering, I decided it was worth getting to the bottom of it, even if it meant a lifetime. Dive into this book as I relive my past and share the experiences and learnings in the book.

Book Review - The Goodness of Bad by Ravi Raman

Book Review: The Goodness of Bad by Ravi Raman

Heartfelt and interesting, powerful and sensitive, The Goodness of Bad is both an intimate memoir and a resounding wake-up call. It recounts the tale of how one man grew to understand that a responsible person is not one who gives up his life for his loved ones but rather one who shows them how to enjoy their lives to the fullest. This book is the narrative of coming to terms with the fact that the strength of a family’s bonds does not depend on the structure of society but on the willingness of family members to bring their entire selves to the table. The Goodness of Bad explains how we may all learn to respect ourselves enough to set boundaries, make amends with our inner turmoil, acknowledge our feelings of anger, heartbreak, and grief, and let go of our deepest, wildest impulses in order to reach the point where we can take an honest look in the mirror.

In his autobiographical novel, author Ravi Raman shares his life-changing experiences as well as the lessons and insights he gained along the way. Weaved throughout are fascinating anecdotes and events from the very varied culture of India. Bursting with color and life and dripping with energy, The Goodness of Bad by Ravi Raman is full of unexpected life lessons that make us smile and lift our spirits even in the darkest days.

Sincere, uplifting, and often hilarious, his memories and experiences of significant events in his life, ranging from his childhood in the 1950s to relatively recent times, were chronicled in his book. In my opinion, this is a very significant book. This fascinating autobiography tells the story of Ravi Raman’s eventful life and is a fantastic read. I struggled to get into this book at first, but after I did, I found myself engrossed by the complex relationships and interpersonal dynamics that emerged in the wake of the shocking events.

The non-fiction books that I like reading the most are the ones that maintain the captivating flow of a good fiction novel. These are the books that transport the reader to another time and place and carry them along for the journey. And this book fits the category. Ravi Raman’s writing style and the manner in which he recalls his upbringing make the book seem more like a work of fiction, despite the fact that it is based on real events and is a recollection of those events.

While I was reading “The Goodness of Bad,” I found myself completely engrossed in Ravi Raman’s straightforward and uncomplicated account of his life. In addition to being intrigued by the details of his personal life, I found the man himself to be intriguing. He exemplifies everything that is noble and good in humanity. It takes a lot of guts to discuss all of the subjects that he does so honestly in this book, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for him for doing so. Despite all he’s been through, Ravi Raman is so full of life and determined to make the most of any circumstance.

Ravi Raman is an accomplished writer, and the fact that he is so considerate and understanding of his wife is a very heartwarming aspect of their relationship. His love for her is eternal and unconditional. He’s an upbeat guy whose tale has taught me a lot about love, loyalty, and compassion.

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