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Tale of Bronco & The Wizard by Don Sedei

An Urban Fantasy about Friendship, Football, and Wizards

Title: Tale of Bronco & The Wizard

Author: Don Sedei

Publisher: Amusement Park, LLC

Genre: Fantasy fiction, Adventure

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Tale of Bronco & The Wizard by Don Sedei

Tale of Bronco & The Wizard is based on a true story, written as a lighthearted urban fantasy about the deep connection of friendship, the love of football and a nefarious cult, Sport SeHragarlari Siri Jamiyat—Secret Society of Sports Wizards—where we learn the games are not in the hands of the players but in the hands of some powerful wizards.

This adventure is filled with magic, danger, colorful characters, outrageous events, horrific and laugh-out-loud moments during their year-long chase of the elusive American Dream that will leave you with a tear in our eye a smile on your face revealing proving to all fans that the real magic is their powerful bond of friendship.  Tale of Bronco & The Wizard will leave you to question everything you thought you knew about the game of football.


Book Review: Tale of Bronco & The Wizard by Don Sedei

Tale of Bronco & The Wizard by Don Sedei has a little bit of everything in it for me. Wizards, Magic, sports, friendship, wonderful characters and so much more to keep you reading till the last page. I loved every minute of it. Don Sedei is a new author for me and I’m impressed by this fun and powerful book. It is about 300 pages long but you won’t notice it because you’ll be caught up in the world of magic and more.

Wizards outside of the standards of epic fantasy is hard to pull off. Or at least I think so. But Don Sedei brings these wizards of fable, with their flowing robes and magical staffs, out of that traditional fantasy environment and into an urban setting. The author is very aware of these tropes though and crafts an adventure that is rather tongue-in-cheek.

The story follows Odam and Scott, aka the Wizard and Bronco, and their friendship. I think what made me really love this book, however, was how simplistic the story-line was. The book does maintain a nice, steady pace though, which does make it a very fast read to get through. It was fun to see how the nefarious cult, Sport SeHragarlari Siri Jamiyat—Secret Society of Sports Wizards operated. All the characters and wizards had fun personalities, I just wish I could get into the main cast more, but I always felt at arm’s length from them and their world.

Tale of Bronco & The Wizard is very magical, bringing the reader to be transported to a whole new world of magic. There was a real balance of darkness and realm of fantasy with lightness and humor. Don Sedei brought the characters to life, as he penned the amazing story for these grand characters.

In Tale of Bronco & The Wizard, Don Sedei wrote an engaging sports story blended with some spine chilling wizardry. He combines real sports trivia (about the Steelers ’81 season) with an engaging life lessons. The atmosphere, the intricacies of the rules, rivalries, the sport itself, and the enthusiasm was palpable. Bronco is a sympathetic character, and the reader both empathizes with his desire and understands his need to put in a bit more effort to improve his game. Supporting characters are also appealing.

I was entranced by this story, and it has a great sense of magic and fantasy while also being in the modern world. If you are looking for a rather humorous urban fantasy with some dark moments and some really incredible magic and sport, then you will surely enjoy “Tale of Bronco & The Wizard”.

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