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Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight

Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight

Title: Swinging for Joy: London Learns

Author: Aishah Hight

Publisher: Cellar of Purple

Genre: Children’s literature, Graphic Novel

First Publication: 2022

Language: English


Book Summary: Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight

After enjoying swinging in the park, London and her amazing dog Joy encounter a young boy who’s lost a family treasure. Inspired to help, Joy springs into action, leading London and the boy on a delightful adventure to find it. Will they find what they’re looking for and discover the legacy behind the lost treasure?

Swinging for Joy is a heartwarming reminder that an act of kindness can become the bond of friendship. Aishah Hight creates a rhythmical tale that inspires young readers to care for others, be hopeful, and in so doing, find joy.

Book Review - Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight

Book Review: Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight

The heartwarming story written by Aishah Hight teaches children of all ages (both young and old!) that even the tiniest acts of generosity have the potential to transform the world for the better, and that they too have the capacity to bring about such transformation. Her literary language condenses difficult concepts such as helping others and loving animals into straightforward, succinct, and heartfelt illustrations that will encourage children to plant the seeds of kindness and watch them bloom as a result of their efforts.

The narrative focuses on a little girl named London who spends a lot of time playing on the swings at the park with her amazing dog named Joy. One day, after having a good time on the swings in the park, London and her dog Joy run across a little boy who is looking for a priceless heirloom that he has lost. Invigorated by the desire to help, Joy leaps into action and, along with London and the boy, embarks on an exciting journey in search of it.

The uplifting and encouraging theme of Swinging for Joy by Aishah Hight is that everyone, no matter how young, can make a difference via their own actions, even if those actions are on a tiny scale. Within the pages of this book, Aishah delivers a profound message that has the potential to transform not only the way children see the world but also the way they see themselves. With few words, she convinces the reader that every action, no matter how small, may have a significant effect. This picture book, which is apparently intended for young children, can be read in one sitting in the nook of your home, and it will make you grin by the time you have finished reading it.

Readers will be entertained and educated by this cheerful book about the experiences and obstacles that come with life. The comic-book-style illustrations brighten up the words and keep the readers interested. As the reader follows along with the adventures of the young girl and her dog, the vivid language helps to keep the story’s central idea at the forefront of their mind. The reader is provided with a sense of optimism over the choices they will be required to make in their life as a result of reading this book.

This beautiful picture book serves as a great reminder to young readers that even the tiniest act of kindness may have a profound impact on the lives of another person, and that these modest gestures can grow into something much more significant! The narrative, written by Aishah Hight, is engaging, and the pictures, done by Whimsical Designs CJ, are vivid. Together, they make this a great addition to any bookshelf.


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