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Sports Betting Books Every Punter Should Read

Sports Betting Books in 2022 Every Punter Should Read

Are you a total novice when it comes to gambling? Do you wish to enter the world of online gambling and act like a pro from the start? You’ve come to the right space, then! Online betting can throw you a curveball if you don’t know what you’re doing. We are ready to share some of the best tips for novice bettors in this guide to the top sports betting sites and books in 2022.

There isn’t a single website that can satisfy every gambler’s needs, and some websites are outright frauds. You must avoid becoming a victim of these scams as a novice. You may comprehensively understand what to do and what not to do by reading top sports betting books. Choosing the proper books on sports betting may be a fantastic introduction to the world of gambling. The books penned by gambling experts can give you in-depth knowledge about the sports betting world’s workings.

How to Choose the Ideal Sports Betting Book?

Knowing what to do and what to avoid when it comes to online gambling is crucial. Learning the difference between good and bad bookmakers is as essential as knowing the sports you want to bet on. Our goal is to assist you in identifying the sites and books that meets all your sports betting needs by navigating the maze of websites that all claim to be the ideal spot for novices to start.

There are quite a few bookmakers operating websites without any legal authorization. If you are a new player, you may fall victim to the flashy bonuses and a wide range of sports options offered by shady websites. For someone new to the world of betting, they offer their clients many enticing discounts that could look like nirvana. However, giving your information to these sites without first doing a security check puts your assets in danger and may result in serious legal issues. We recommend you avoid trusting any gambling website and exercise extreme caution when disclosing personal information. Only websites with licenses from reputable agencies like UKGC, MGA, Malta, Curacao, etc., can be trusted.

Make sure the following two crucial security elements are in place before you start betting on a chance website you came on. If the website has a license from the UKGC, MGA, or both, you can wager there without worrying about legal repercussions. SSL encryption is another critical security component. By using encryption, you can be sure that the information you input regarding your personal bank information is shielded from online fraud and scammers. Therefore, follow these safety precautions before engaging in online betting. At this point, the sports betting books will play a pivotal role in educating you on how to take appropriate precautions to secure yourself.

Reading the honest evaluations of a bookmaker’s clients is one of the most dependable ways to learn the truth about them online. These reviews will clarify the accurate details and inform you about other users’ experiences on the website. It will enable you to decide whether the site’s offerings are worthwhile. The websites will naturally engage in all manner of over-the-top self-promotion, claiming to provide you with top-notch services, which in most cases merely rings hollow. The more well-known online betting sites are where most people like to go. Unfortunately, greater exposure does not automatically imply that a website is reliable and trustworthy or offers its users the highest chances of winning. It frequently turns out that less well-known websites provide their users with superior security and opportunities.

Choose websites that provide a wide variety of games and betting options as a suitable place to start your betting career. Pick a sportsbook that offers a wide range of betting options, such as spread, moneyline, parlay, outright, match-winner, handicaps, etc. A novice will probably want to look into all of their alternatives in order to find their specialization. The most pleasing possibilities for an amateur may be websites that provide options across the gamut, from the most popular sports to the least popular ones. Regardless of the sport you wish to wager on — football, cricket, basketball, or any other—the correct bookmaker will have all the possibilities at their disposal.

It’s possible that picking bookies at random will reduce your chances of actually winning anything meaningful. There are many betting websites, but the real question is how many genuinely know what they are doing. To adequately grasp the data, comparing the winning odds with the odds offered by other bookmakers is essential. Therefore, this is the stage when sports betting books become prominent in the lives of beginners to this industry. A number of websites just copy market patterns without any knowledge of the games, teams, or players. These websites frequently have bad odds that are unlikely ever to produce wins. There are also reputable websites where the wizards behind the screen are well-versed in every sport they provide. They give carefully calculated odds with a higher possibility of winning rather than merely throwing out random numbers.

Numerous online betting casinos welcome new customers with enticing offers. When you perceive the possibility of a free bet, it is simple to lose sight of the crucial factors. But we are here to support you in averting such mistakes. Check if your chosen website offers services other than the initial free bets. A solid betting site would provide you with incredible offers at the beginning of your journey and at regular intervals during your membership. Once you become an old member, most sites stop offering you good deals or incentives since they take your membership for granted. Under these circumstances, the proverb “empty jars sound much” is frequently applied.

Nobody loves a betting site with restrictive payment options. That much is obvious. Please make sure a website gives its consumers various payment channels, such as Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Paypal, etc., before making your final shortlist. Variety in payment methods is essential since you might not always be able to pay using the same techniques, and you risk losing a good betting opportunity if other methods are not offered.

Customer support is one of the most important requirements you should check off your list before investing in a website. It won’t come as a surprise if you occasionally get stuck while betting, especially if you are new to gaming. Your journey can go much more smoothly if you have a strong customer care team at your disposal because assistance will always be accessible with a mouse click. We suggest selecting a betting site whose customer care will guarantee to respond to all of your questions within a 24-hour window.


The List of the Best 5 Sports Betting Books 2022

Those who enjoy sports betting should read this book. Some gamblers regard this book as the “bible of gambling.” Thanks to its glossary, it is pretty simple to skim through its chapters. Although it only focuses on NFL football, the book’s teachings can be applied to other markets. Sharp Sports Betting has had a few updates since it was initially published in 2001.

Anyone who takes sports betting seriously should read the classic Sharp Sports Betting as it is one of the best sports betting books for beginners. This book is the Bible to certain gamblers. Although it is lengthy and you will have to slog through a few pages of the basics (definitions of different bets, a glossary, etc.), it is simple to skip to the more substantial chapters later. Most of Sharp Sports Betting’s attention is given to NFL football, but the teachings are transferable to many other markets.

By the way, John Ferguson, the author of Professional Blackjack, is the genuine author behind the pen name Stanford Wong. In order to give the whole thing some “mystique,” the name Stanford Wong was chosen as a combination of the author’s Asian alumni and an arbitrary`s last name.

Most of the sports betting books on this list are dry and informative. According to Michael Konik’s book reviews, it aims to give you a window into the world of high rollers, pathological gamblers, and sports betting artists. This book is filled with countless unbelievable factual tales, many of which include highly successful gamblers and the strategies they employed to win. Some of the glamorous and fascinating hobby features are highlighted in the text. However, Konik also offers a ton of guidance about legally boosting your edge over the book or the house and identifying long-odds casino games. In a way, this novel is a love letter to gambling.

Richard Munchkin, one of the greatest writers on sports betting, is the author of this book. Before penning the book, Richard held positions as a blackjack dealer, Vegas pit master, and a TV and film producer. Both sports bettors and non-bettors will enjoy reading Gambling Wizards. The book’s frank conversations are both enjoyable and instructive. Richard Munchkin is a fascinating person. He paid for college by playing backgammon for cash. Thus, this author’s biography can be a thrill to get acquainted with his works.

There is a lot more to this book than just gambling. The Signal & the Noise, written by the renowned numbers-junkie behind the well-known site FiveThirtyEight, is all about making predictions. Silver’s book is an excellent addition to a sports market education, occasionally veering into complex math but always quick with a real-world example. It is one of the greatest books on sports betting available, especially for bettors who are just starting out.

Silver is the current embodiment of predicting skill, so this suits him nicely. He may be best known as the political analyst who correctly predicted each state’s outcome in the 2012 presidential election. You might not be aware that Nate Silver first became interested in prediction markets while studying baseball stats and Sabermetrics. It’s true that this is a high-concept book, and not everything in it directly affects sports betting. Later, when you have had more time to learn about the activity, is when this book indeed shows its greatness. You won’t find a more outstanding education in prediction than Silver’s lessons on how weather forecasters attain their comparatively high percentages of successful predictions.

It’s both amusing and educational to read Mathletics. Winston uses mathematics that any of us can grasp to answer and provide analysis on various statistical and probability-related queries that sports bettors may have. Winston uses professional football, basketball, and baseball to demonstrate complex mathematical ideas.

In Winston’s book, various subjects are covered in great detail, including how MLB teams assess and forecast the effectiveness of their batters, the decision of whether a team will pass or run on first down under various circumstances, and the impact of money on professional sports and sports betting.


How Can You Use the Information in These Books to Enhance Your Betting Skills?

Each of the works in the above-mentioned list of the best sports betting books has been written by experts with years’ worth of experience in the field of sports betting. The works have been evaluated as one of the best career results according to reliable sources. These authors have shared their knowledge and skills through these pages. And if you are smart, you can use them to your great advantage. These sports betting books can help you find your own niché, which will help you avoid wasting your time in the wrong place. They can give you an insight into the actual workings of sports betting. The top five books in our list can be your best mentors when you take your first step into the sports betting world. These books can guide you on a roller coaster from choosing the right bookmakers to placing the best wagers.

Bottom Line

Books might be considered an old-school way of gaining knowledge; nevertheless, they are still the number one trusted source. The books on our list of top sports betting books of 2022 sum up the talent and experience of some of the brightest minds in the betting world!


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