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Self-Publishing a Book? Is It For You?

Self Publishing a Book? Is It For You? Learn How Does It Work

Are you a budding writer eager to get your first book published in paperback or hardback, either for your bookcase or to sell? Are you aware that you do not need to pay for a publisher to buy your book to get it printed, but that you can self-print and sell your book in your own time?

Using a book printing website allows you to choose how you want your book to look. With options including paperback, hardback, and lay-flat. Whether you want to self-publish a novel or a comic book, or you are interested in making a coloring book, look into getting your book printed today.

How Does Self Publishing Work? 

Using a book printing website could not be easier; simply pick which kind of book you want to print, or if you want to just design and print a journal. First, choose how you want the book to look, and after you have decided how your book will print, simply follow the steps on the website.

For example, if you choose to print a paperback novel, you would select that option on the website. Once you have done this, there are links to help ensure that your file is set correctly for printing.

After you have checked that your file is fine for printing, you just need to design how you want your book to look, select a front and back cover, and how you want the pages bound together. You can even decide if you want your book in color and what kind of paper you want this to be printed on.

Once you have uploaded your book and decided on your preferences, you only need to decide how many copies you wish to have printed. You can choose to only have one book printed; however, the more copies you purchase, the cheaper each book becomes.

How Much Does Self Publishing Cost?

Book printing costs will depend on how many books you wish to order; the fewer books you print, the more it will cost per book. It will also depend on how many pages you want to print and what size you want the book to be.

So if you are printing your first novel with the intent of selling, it is a good idea to check based on the length and size of your book and how many you wish to order as a first print. In some situations, it may be worth setting a preorder for books on your website or social media. This will give you the best price as you will know how many books will be required.

If, however, you are planning on designing and printing coloring books for friends and family as gifts, ordering more will make this cheaper, for example.

However, regardless of the cost, ensure when you are printing that you are happy with the settings you have picked and the amount you are ordering. Most book printing websites will allow you to pick how many books you wish to print if you do not want too many.


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