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Self Care Books: Selection of the Best Literature Suggested by Nursing College Students

Self Care Books | The best books suggested by nursing college students

People often get stressed by routine. After a busy day, all that your mind wants is rest. Self-care can be interpreted differently by different people. To one person, it might mean to exercise. To another person, self care might be to read books. Self-care is all about being concerned about your health.

You need to be strong both mentally and emotionally. Your mental health should never be ignored. Sometimes you may feel lonely. When you have self care books in your hand, you will find great inspiration. These books will help you refocus on self care.

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The Self Compassion Workbook – Joy Johnson

More often, people tend to criticize themselves negatively. They see themselves as a failure. In return, this affects their emotions, actions, and thoughts. They fail to show kindness where they should. Nursing students can have these experiences. It often happens to inexperienced nurses. They may blame themselves when helping a non-responding patient. Joy writes from her experience as a psychotherapist. She encourages other nurses to focus on being kind in tough situations.


Solve for Happy – Mo Gawdat

Solve for Happy is one of the best books to discover yourself amid the turmoil. Mo Gawdat is a high-ranking executive at Google. He published this book in 2017. He encourages the reader to learn how to create happiness. After creating it, they need to maintain it.

This happiness is to be sustained regardless of the situation. Many challenging situations might surround a nursing student. They should not let situations overwhelm them. In 2001, Gawdat resolved to find a solution to his emptiness. He kept researching until he lost his son. That’s when he found the answers. This book was written after searching for happiness for 12 years.


The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – Bessel van der Kolk

A lot of people are experiencing trauma today. The issues happening around them affect them much. They could be living with alcoholic parents. It can be soldiers’ experiences in war. It can be rape or frequent fighting between couples. Bessel has worked with trauma survivors for many years.

In this book, he describes the effects of trauma. It disarranges the victim’s brain. They can no longer have pleasure, trust anyone, or control themselves. The disarranged brain can be rearranged. The person can engage in yoga, mindfulness, and other therapies. The body keeps the scores and focuses more on therapy than the use of drugs to treat trauma.


Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe the World Hardcover – Admiral William H. McRaven

A lot of people think making change is to do huge things. They seek to do things that make a big impact. A nursing student might think doing good is to help the most traumatized patient. On the contrary, it is about doing the little things. It all starts with yourself before impacting others. Admiral William describes it most simply. If you want to impact others, start by making your bed. He pinpoints how people focus on others and forget themselves. If they can start with self-care, they can progress to care for people.


Negative Self-Talk and How to Change It – Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s

People often destroy themselves with negative talk. What people talk about themselves finally solidifies in their brains. The nursing career can be challenging. Caring for thousands of patients isn’t easy. When things get tough, the nurse might change their attitude. They can start talking negatively about their career. If they make it a habit, they will eventually be negatively affected. Dr. Shad explains how to alter the effects. He explains it is possible to start speaking positively and change.



Self care is important to nursing students. It helps them replenish their energies. It can help eliminate stress. The nurse can start again to show empathy and compassion. Their quality of care improves too. Self-care can be defined differently by many people. It can mean meditating, going to yoga, or exercising. To another person, self care can mean reading books or socializing. Whatever it might mean to you, reading self care books is important.

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