Savita Nair

the author of We Meet Again


Savita Nair is a self-confessed ‘indulgent’ poet. Having spent most of her years as an Advertising copywriter, she finds writing poetry works as a balm to soothe her frayed ‘advertising nerves’. Like several other poets, she claims that there are days when nothing eclectic enters her thoughts. And then there are those ‘inspired’ days when everything mundane, turns into prose. Savita lives for those days and those moments.

The author now resides in Pune and spends her time consulting on brands – interspersed with bouts of poetry writing and self-doubting. Her deep-rooted curiosity in people is what keeps her going – in life and work. She loves to know what makes people tick or tock, why they think what they do and essentially why everyone is so flawed yet fascinating.

When she is not writing poems, ads or songs, Savita is sipping wine, trying to keep up hopelessly with Instagram trends or dreaming of places to travel to.


TBE: I had an opportunity to read your latest poetry collection “We Meet Again” and I really enjoyed reading it. Could you please tell us more about your poetry collection that isn’t in blurb?

Savita Nair: Well, I have always believed that poetry shouldn’t be esoteric or difficult to understand. Personally I’ve always enjoyed poetry that’s simple, relatable and from the heart and that’s the kind of poems I write myself. So if you enjoy that kind of writing about life, about relationships, about our daily triumphs and tribulations, then WE MEET AGAIN is probably a book you will enjoy reading.


TBE: What do you want people to know before they start reading it?

Savita Nair: I don’t want to cloud anyone’s judgement by telling them anything about the book before they read it. I want them to read it with an open mind and heart and form their own opinions.


TBE: When did you know poetry would be the writing outlet for you? Can you introduce us to your journey to poetry and how you got to where you are currently?

Savita Nair: I used to write poetry even as a kid I remember. Growing up, I started sending my poems to magazines like Femina and Savvy. Then my poem was published in the Poetry Society of India’s journal. But I had never thought of publishing till I got a lot of appreciation for my work whenever I would post on social media. And then, one day one of my friends suggested I write to publishing houses with a sample of my work, and I did and I got a positive response. So my first book 45 ml was published.


TBE: Who or What inspires you to write poetry?

Savita Nair: I’ve always been a big fan of Dorothy Parker who for me has been my poetic inspiration apart from greats like Ogden Nash and Kamla Das. But on a daily basis, I find inspiration around me whenever I observe people, have conversations, see something beautiful or even banal.


TBE: What do you think about what seems to be an explosion of poetry especially across social media and publishing? According to you, what defines the modern genre of poetry?

Savita Nair: I think poetry as an art is something that needs to be cultivated and appreciated by the modern generation especially, so I’m happy for the explosion that’s happening across social media and publishing. Quality art should be encouraged in all its forms, and all its genres. I have come across a lot of cause-based and stereotype-busting poetry these days.


TBE: Can you take us through your writing routine? What is an ideal writing day for you?

Savita Nair: I don’t really have a fixed writing routine but whenever I have a thought that’s stuck in my head, I generally try to connect the dots and put it down on paper before I lose the thought or the inspiration.


TBE: Who do you recommend when someone says they want to read more poetry? Do you have some poets or poetry books to recommend?

Savita Nair: I would recommend reading poems by the English poets first because it’s very important to be able to have a range- so I would recommend reading Shakespeare, Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Kipling, Alfred Lord Tennyson. And then follow it up with modern poets like Maggie Nelson and Ocean Vyuong.


TBE: How was your publishing experience with Leadstart?

Savita Nair: Very professional and very thorough. With Leadstart you can be assured that deadlines will be met and you will have help along every step of the process.


TBE: Do you always want to write poetry or would you consider writing something else for your next book? Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

Savita Nair: Well I have always maintained that poetry is the form of writing that best expresses my thoughts but one can ‘never say never’ so if I have a great story idea, I would love to write that as well.


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