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Rise Above Disruption by Khaled Khorshid

Book Review - Rise Above Disruption by Khaled Khorshid

Title: Rise Above Disruption

Author: Khaled Khorshid

Publisher: Paramount Publisher

Genre: Self Help

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Rise Above Disruption by Khaled Khorshid

Faith is whimsical. As one of the youngest CEOs in telecommunication firms I egotistically believed I was invulnerable. My life was set up for success as I completed a prestigious MBA program and swam in job opportunities from Fortune 100 companies. Then the darkness came. My company and my life savings disappeared quicker than I could realize. My beloved mother faced an unwinnable battle with a terminal illness as I helplessly watched her. Shortly after my wife, whom I considered my bastion and avid supporter, announced our marriage was over. With only my kids left to live for the final strike hit me. I was diagnosed with cancer. The life I envisioned for myself was destroyed and I was left with one thing, and one thing only. Hope.

Money and happiness are two ends of the same perspective. Money is important because, indeed, happiness can be a victim of your bills and rentals. It’s not just vital for you, but also the people who are dependent on you. Well, everyone knows it’s important, but what many lack is an insight into its significance.

This story is the recollection of my experiences and fights as I reclaimed my life and turned hope into reality. As I slowly took control of my destiny I developed a newfound resilience and strength to survive and be a father for my kids. I share my journey to provide you with hope and inspiration when battling an illness, experiencing a loss in your life, or unable to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

In these trying times and a rapidly changing world facing an unprecedented crisis, hope is needed more than ever before. I am not offering you a cure or solution. I am giving you my authentic and unique experiences detailing how I overcame my struggles and how you can do the same! In this book, I show you one way to overcome struggles and how to live life with an optimistic and open mind. If you feel hopeless, defeated, and alone join me on my journey and I’ll help you find a new appreciation for life!


Book Review: Rise Above Disruption by Khaled Khorshid

Stoicism: the ancient philosophy that teaches mental endurance in the face of hardship. Khaled Khorshid explores this outstanding philosophy and how it can help us in our everyday lives in his first book ‘Rise Above Disruption’.

Stoicism, to paraphrase Khaled Khorshid, is hard-won wisdom forged in the crucible of human experience, and its lessons are enormously valuable. In brief, they are: to do what is within our power and to accept what isn’t; to find the right action, you must find the right perspective – this is almost always to find the positive in everything that happens to us; learn from mistakes – failure is instructional; not to get overwhelmed by the bigger picture, to focus on the ‘here and now’, and to persevere; to be calm and resilient when faced with problems – be objective before acting.

Mind, heart, and soul are the three personas that combine to define the voices in our head.

Khaled Khorshid relates these lessons through his own life’s disruptions and experiences. Once a youngest and successful CEO of a telecommunication firm, in the span of six month Khaled faced a lot of disruption for a life. He lost his company and life saving, followed by his mother’s terminal illness, a broken marriage, and finally he diagnosed with cancer. Yet he didn’t lose hope.

In ‘Rise Above Disruption’, he shares his journey from losing everything to finding the hope, how he overcame the crisis and find the success. The best thing about this very humanist worldview is that it spurs you on to be the best possible you who then goes on to do things, rather than stagnate in fear, depression, sybaritic behaviours, etc.

What is important is the strength of our character. What matters is if we can find reasons to laugh and understand that we have a purpose.

This is an intelligent self-help book packed with real life examples. It also offers a system for turning obstacles into advantages, and using relentless persistence to achieve what you want. We all face obstacles in our lives, what matters is how we perceive them and work with them to move on. So we have to find ways of dealing with them, as well as the aspects of life that may blindside up with randomness.

Author Khaled Khorshid uses Stoicism as a basis for the book, but it’s not a dry philosophy book by any means. He not only provides a great review of the philosophy, he does an excellent job at articulating exactly how this school of thought can be applied to any problems that you might be facing now as you try to advance your career.

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