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Quaker by Rohan Singhvi

Publisher: Blue rose publishers | Genre: Action, Crime Thriller

Title: Quaker

Author: Rohan Singhvi

Publisher: Blue rose publishers

Genre: Action, Crime Thriller

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Quaker by Rohan Singhvi

A few madmen.

A well-rehearsed plan.

One common goal: Vengeance.

Rick believes he has just the vital components to get the job done. But, as it turns out, everything comes at a cost, one that might be too much to pay.

Delve into the conglomerate of crime, chaos, and cigars, broiled with blood and brotherhood. And the thin line that separates a hero and a psychopath. The book is written in a unique style and format and pushes ideas like a soliloquy, simultaneously-changing timelines to make readers active participants through the story.


Book Review: Quaker by Rohan Singhvi

Everyone loves a good revenge tale. It satisfies a basic wish fulfilment instinct that’s in all of us, and there’s a sense of instant gratification that hits you when you reach the point where the tables are turned, gradually but permanently, and then all the pieces fall into place and heads start to roll. Quaker by Rohan Singhvi is one that type of book. It’s a tale of honour, tradition, blood, sweat, brutality and bullets. It is a Family Saga that unfolds the story about Quaker family and their mafia empire. The story is set in Warem, a fictional country in Southern Europe, with political corruption, gangster-filtered business life and a power game where most can be bought or scared to submission.

The book is broken into chapters focusing on different characters and told out of time, with the main story set in the present interspersed with back stories. In a world where laws are broken, where the government is only a puppet, where murder is routine and safety a rare thing, Quaker family holds all the strings. Rick Quaker is the avenging angel, the warrior of the wops, the ultimate puppeteer.

There are so many aspects of the book that I loved but characterization simply blew me away. Author Rohan Singhvi has given his characters so much depth. Rick Quaker, Juan Quaker, Sergio Di Maria, Tommy McFrigher, Antonio Corleone, and every other character was brilliant. Quaker family literally ruled the mafia world but they have their own rules that they strictly follow. This book has a lot of intrigue, action, suspense, double-crossing. Story was not very simple, there was a mystery that unravels slowly but worth the wait.

Author creates his awesome world & then plays with his own elements like a world-class chess champion. It’s pretty common knowledge that one of the vital points in writing a successful novel is creating unforgettable characters. And the Quaker family, they’re real hard to forget. They aren’t just evil criminals. They are real people. Rohan Singhvi romanticises the mafia life and that time period altogether. I do think that this is the book’s strongest point. The story is another strength too, full of intrigue and excitement. These two redeem the book from the sometimes cliché lines and a little sloppy writing. But one can overlook that when the plot is this good and the characters this unforgettable.

Quaker is one of those novels which is well written with very powerful characters and moments and tells the tale Mafia in an absolutely involving manner. It has everything like drama, great dialogs, passion and flair to keep the reader fully engaged and is one very difficult book to put down without finishing.

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