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Privileged Secrets by Harper Woods

Book One: Seeds of Eden

Title: Privileged Secrets

Author: Harper Woods

Publisher: Independently published

Genre: Conspiracy Thriller

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Privileged Secrets by Harper Woods

A religious world order is rapidly emerging. The ‘Society of Truth’ has reached almost nine million members, claiming to hold the keys to physical perfection and everlasting life. It is aptly named, for they believe they alone know “The Truth” about the beginning of human existence, the current state of affairs and how to secure an eternal future. The fifteen-foot high red neon sign atop their headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, proclaims this message for all to see. Drawn to the promise of physical perfection and everlasting life, thousands are being brainwashed and converting everyday, but not all is as it appears.

A dark sinister power controls the keys and under the veil of earning access to eternal rewards, the members are subjected to rigorous psychological tactics, including the sexual abuse of children. Every reward has its price and once inside, any act of non-compliance means losing everything and everyone you’ve ever loved. At its nerve center located on the East River at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge, privileged secrets are about to break open that will expose this highly organized, rapidly growing religious cult for what it truly is.

Rising up is a resistance led by an organization that’s been operating underground for centuries, whose sole mission is to expose evil forces and corruption. Erica Pfeiffer is their lead agent, and has been assigned the dangerous undercover mission of posing as a member of the religion, penetrating the Society of Truth. Her job is to seize two protected artifacts that hold the source of the Society’s power and the untold truth about the age-old questions of where we came from and the purpose of life.

Erica soon finds herself drawn to John Matthews, a trusted ally within the Society, and the two will stop at nothing to break its spell before it’s too late, unveiling historical propaganda that will shatter the foundation of humanity and forever change its future. With the Society of Truth spreading like a virus, the race against the clock is on. But before she can complete her mission, Erica will be forced to put her own life on the line, revealing a privileged secret that connects her all the way back to the first humans and the ultimate source of life.

In this suspense-filled conflict between good and evil, love and fear and life and death, author Harper Woods takes you back to the Garden of Eden and shatters everything you thought you knew about this piece of biblical history and the writers of it. Crafting a riveting narrative evocative of The Davinci Code, Woods begins her trilogy, Privileged Secrets, with Book One, Seeds of Eden.

Will Erica be able to confront the shocking reality of what really happened at the beginning of time? Doing so will put her face-to-face with a critical decision that not only challenges everything she’s ever believed, but will also be the difference between the eternal demise or the everlasting new hope of humankind.

Book Review: Privileged Secrets by Harper Woods

“Cult, individuals and building may die with time but an idea- As long as it remains in someone’s memory can not and will not die.”

All it takes is a believer, a twisted man and a nerd to put all things into perspective and revive an ancient cult out of its coffin; that’s how it works out in this novel. Privileged Secrets is about the cult losing its power and hold on the people and provides many insights about how it came into existence; most probably as rebels and against the system; soon to realize their hot-headedness and becoming the demons they themselves fought.

Privileged Secrets by Harper Woods introduces Erica Pfeiffer, a lead agent of an underground resistance organization, in a breathtaking adventure to seize two protected artefacts that hold the source of the Society’s power and the untold truth about the age-old questions of where we came from and the purpose of life.

Harper Woods knows how to write, knows how to make the reader worry about the good side and fear the evil, she knows how to play with time. But the most thing I liked is how she combined all these facts in a work of fiction in a very deft way, with well-developed characters. The dynamic between Erica Pfeiffer and John Matthews is absolutely charming. Their relationship, the way they completed each other and the way their thoughts crossed and their knowledge tangled was an absolute delight to read about. One of the main things that I truly admired was the locations, the author Harper Woods takes us on a journey describing every place the characters go to through the events, which is very good in a way.

The author Harper Woods must have done a lot of research on science, religion, art, geography, philosophy and so many other branches. The amount of information in this book is maddening, and yet it is never tiring and it never feels like it drags on. The exact opposite, each small fact or huge revelation stays with the reader throughout the story, like the riddles towards an even greater mystery.

The fast-paced prose and the constant action that kept me on a string through the entire read, are the best things about this book. The sharpness of the characters & their snarkiness & the way the evil ones are masterminds in disguise is intriguing. The book was much more than just whodunit type of fiction. The book’s plot was intermixed with historical details that made the book far more than your typical collection novel. I could not put this book down as its plot takes so many exciting and unexpected twists. Even if you don’t normally read mystery thriller books this is definitely a book I would recommended to anyone looking for a great story that gives you some things to think about history and religion.

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