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Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything by Sujal Sahu

Publisher: Notion Press | Genre: Philosophy

Only Thoughts- Philosophy of Everything by Sujal Sahu

Title: Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything

Author: Sujal Sahu

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Philosophy, Psychology

First Publication: 2023

Language: English

Book Summary – Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything by Sujal Sahu

Philosophy is the first academic subject that was responsible for very profound progress but also retardness, especially today. If you ever read different philosophies, you must be very well aware of the contradiction of different kind or types of philosophy imposes. Philosophy without a doubt lead us to science i.e., a subject that always leads to progress and is dedicated to creating absolute, contradiction-free knowledge. But still despite the existence of science people are not clear about what part of philosophy was absolute, what are the necessities, what exactly overall philosophy means, and what is the subject of everything – is it philosophy?

That’s why I have written this book to clear those things and end philosophy once and for all. This book is meant to clear the bases of everything and also to eradicate the base of things that retard progress. This book is the 1st book written by mean which creates the base for every subject so that I can write the 2nd book “Connectivity – Theory of Everything” and the 3rd book “Solution of All Prior Unsolved Paradoxes” At last, I would like to say “judge a book by its index*”.

Book Review - Only Thoughts- Philosophy of Everything by Sujal Sahu

Book Review – Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything by Sujal Sahu

For centuries, philosophy has been an intriguing topic of study, and it continues to enthral readers to this day. There is no shortage of thought-provoking philosophy literature to choose from, whether you are interested in ancient wisdom or new ideas. Philosophers, from Plato and Aristotle to Descartes and Kant, have tried to solve life’s big questions throughout history. Who are we and What brings us here? What exactly is the reality? These questions may appear intimidating, but they provide us with an opportunity to delve into the depths of human experience and obtain a better grasp of ourselves and our surroundings.

Philosophy has also been a cause of confusion and disputes. It’s no surprise that people wrestle to find clarification and insight when there are a lot of different kinds of thought and conflicting theories. Despite scientific progress, the puzzle of what philosophy genuinely means and how it integrates into our knowledge of the universe persists. Sujal Sahu’s book “Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything” aims to address these issues and lay a firm basis for all other academic topics. His aim is to remove the impediments to development and prepare the way for future advances in knowledge and comprehension.

Sujal Sahu’s Only Thoughts is not your typical philosophical text. It is a work that questions our assumptions about knowledge and progress. It aims to get you thinking about what really matters and what doesn’t. In today’s world, where information overflow is ubiquitous, distinguishing between important ideas and pointless talk is more essential than ever. This book will show you how to navigate through all the information out there and find the nuggets of knowledge that will actually help you improve.

This is not a book for the masses, but rather for those who want to attain ultimate success and be leaders in their professions. The information presented in Sahu’s work will teach its readers about the structure of their own minds, as well as how to generate and implement fresh perspectives. Readers can become better thinkers and eventually add to the larger good by recognising and conquering roadblocks. But this work isn’t just for those looking for advancement. It’s also for anyone who wants to gain insight into their own and others’ thoughts. Sahu dives into the very fibre of what makes us human by examining the nature of thoughts. He describes how thoughts work, how knowledge is created, and how it is applied in order to achieve ultimate growth and development.

One of the most intriguing elements of the book is the author’s attempt to create a complete theory of everything. He argues that with the foundation of “only thoughts,” we can develop an extensive understanding of the world that encompasses everything from physics and biology to psychology and sociology. It remains to be seen if Sahu’s theory of everything can stand up to close inspection and testing.

In spite of the ambitious targets it sets for itself, “Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything” is not without its share of shortcomings. The way that Sahu writes can be quite complex at times, making it challenging to understand what he is trying to convey, and his arguments are not always straightforward. Furthermore, some readers may object to his rejection of certain intellectual practises and concepts. But if you’re ready to interact with his point of view, you’ll leave with a better understanding of the world’s intricacies and the role that our ideas play in moulding it.

To summarize, Sujal Sahu’s “Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything” is a daring and audacious effort to lay a sound philosophical basis and a coherent theory of everything. It is a profound and difficult investigation into the essence of reality and the function of philosophy in our comprehension of it. Whether you concur with Sahu’s views or not, this work will leave you with a lot to think about. It will elicit a vibrant discussion and inspire readers to ponder the nature of reality and the role of philosophy in our comprehension of it. If you’re searching for a novel to question your views and broaden your perspectives, “Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything” is a must-read.

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