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Mindfulness and Mysticism by Ora Nadrich

Connecting Present Moment Awareness with Higher States of Consciousness

Mindfulness and Mysticism by Ora Nadrich

Title: Mindfulness and Mysticism: Connecting Present Moment Awareness with Higher States of Consciousness

Author: Ora Nadrich

Publisher: Ora Nadrich

Genre: Spirituality, Personal Transformation, New Age Mysticism

First Publication: 2021

Language: English


Book Summary: Mindfulness and Mysticism by Ora Nadrich

In author Ora Nadrich’s stunning new book, Mindfulness and Mysticism, she brings together the practice of Mindfulness with a spiritual understanding of becoming one with a higher consciousness, which can be called God, a supreme being, source, unity consciousness, or oneness. Ora takes the reader into a non-religious experience of mysticism by giving them what she calls “sacred truths”, which are universal principles, or divine laws every human being can live by if they choose to be present with the mystery of life.

With Mindfulness as the ever-present guiding escort, the greater purpose is to become more present, mindful and aware. The reader will embark upon the path of mystical self-transformation and divine inspiration to awaken to one’s highest potential by getting a better understanding of how being in the present moment can raise our states of consciousness so that awakening and self-realization can be achieved.

Ora has done a masterful job at bringing the practice of Mindfulness into the real world where we all live that is undeniably user-friendly. She makes it clear that we don’t have to be mystics to have a deep, authentic connection to the present moment while at the same time showing that, in truth, we already are mystics in training. Ora’s book reveals this truth to us very beautifully, and invites us, if we are willing to mindfully step into the present moment with absolutely no hidden agenda wherein the mystery of a mystical life awaits our arrival.

At a time when chaos in our culture is staggeringly upsetting, and millions are sensing there must be something ‘more’ but have no idea what it is, a book like Mindfulness and Mysticism paves a path beyond confusion. It speaks to the mind as well as to the heart, both explaining the mystical and leading us into it where we can realize a connection to something greater – the divine within us.

Ora Nadrich provides a traveler’s companion from the delusional maze of a desacralized world, to the calm and inner peace that Mindfulness can offer. Mindfulness and Mysticism is a beautiful road map to assist one’s soul on the journey of awakening, self-discovery, and mystical illumination.

Book Review - Mindfulness and Mysticism by Ora Nadrich

Book Review: Mindfulness and Mysticism by Ora Nadrich

‘Mindfulness and Mysticism’ by Ora Nadrich is a wonderful and insightful book on the foundations of mindfulness and spirituality. Such a peaceful and gently wise book, one that could offer the reader a richer understanding of mindfulness each time they delve into these pages. Here, in an unequaled 400 pages covering traditional teachings, scientific insights, and practical instructions, you will test for yourself the discoveries of the great wisdom traditions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Jewish mysticism, Sufism, Hinduism, shamanism, and many others.

Being a beginner into aspects of meditation, this book was a great guide on the practice of mindfulness. Meditation doesn’t have to be done while sitting with eyes closed, free of any distractions. This book teaches the approach of being just aware of every action, every sound and every breath while doing our day to day work. With this approach, Mindfulness is brought together with the spiritual idea of becoming one with a higher consciousness, which is often referred to as God, the supreme being, or oneness.

Through her expertise in both science and spirituality, life coach and Mindfulness teacher Ora Nadrich demystifies the principles of Mindfulness with a spiritual understanding of becoming one with a higher consciousness and shows you how to use them in your own life. Ora Nadrich is at her simplest here, and yet her writing is still poetic and enjoyable. Using simple examples, she introduces the reader to the world of mindfulness and mysticism and shows how it is relevant to everyday life.

As thorough an introduction to the practice of meditation and the experience of the spiritual journey as one could find, but also so much more. Ora Nadrich is such a precise and articulate writer that reading to her words is as though you are directly experiencing for yourself the deep states of consciousness she is describing. Of course, though, that’s not the point, the point is to get you on to the cushion to actually practice yourself.

Ora Nadrich also provides tangible steps to improve one’s mindfulness, including practicing voluntary simplicity, doing non-doing, focusing on one’s breath, appreciating each moment, and more. She gives practical applications alongside her more theoretical passages, and she also zones in on alternative ways to meditate based on one’s specific life circumstances. All of her ideas contribute to the thorough and well-honed quality of ‘Mindfulness and Mysticism’ overall. This book is so dense with information and there’s many passages and sentences that can give you a lot to think about.

Though not an easy read, this is a must for anyone seriously interested in mysticism and contemplative prayer. Ora Nadrich does an excellent job exploring the similarities and differences in cross cultural theologies and philosophical views and also does justice to the psychology of mysticism and mindfulness. By explaining simple methods for cultivating mindfulness, Ora Nadrich outlines how to apply it to one’s everyday life. Any person who cares deeply about reclaiming the richness of their moments should read it, whether they are new to meditation or long-standing practitioners.

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