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Maximum Person by G B Prabhat

Dramatically Improving The Quality Of Your Life Using Management Techniques

Book Review - Maximum Person by G B Prabhat

Title: Maximum Person: Dramatically Improving The Quality Of Your Life Using Management Techniques

Author: G B Prabhat

Publisher: Productivity & Quality Publishing Private Limited

Genre: Self-Help, Business

First Publication: 2021

Language: English


Book Summary: Maximum Person by G B Prabhat

For many decades now, business corporations have delivered products and services of remarkably high quality. Such high quality is neither an accident nor happenstance. It is the result of the conscious application of the techniques of Quality Management that have been honed for over a century.

Embrace the wisdom of Quality Management to dramatically improve the quality of your life, and become a Maximum Person. Guarantee the quality of your life in the same way businesses guarantee the quality of their products.

The second part of the book sets out the agenda for the reforms to various institutions – employers, government and education – to be undertaken to help the Maximum Person succeed. This part also provides the rationale for employee Wellness Programs, a cornerstone of the future business corporation.

The book is one part primer and another part handbook on how to evolve into a Maximum Person.

Book Review: Maximum Person by G B Prabhat

Businesses have improved the world and solved problems providing the products and services of high quality. Look around your office or home – at the tablet or smartphone you may be holding or the chair you are sitting in. Everything in our lives was developed by some business. And every product or service starts with a problem that a business seeks to solve and provide a better solution. What if you applied quality management techniques to improve quality of life or, better yet, figure out what you want to do with your life?

In Maximum Person, author G B Prabhat shows us how product quality management techniques can help us create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling, regardless of who or where we are, what we do or have done for a living, or how young or old we are. The same quality management techniques that are responsible for amazing technology and products, can be used to design and build your career and your life, a life of fulfilment and joy, constantly creative and productive, one that always holds the possibility of surprise.

If you worked in a company that applies quality management in their daily operations, this book is about applying what you already know for making a business add quality in their product, but instead incorporating it to your own personal life. It requires a different context when we discuss improving quality of our personal life and this book feels that it nails that topic pretty well. Having said it, the simple premise of the book is: Apply the principles and ideas of Quality Management in business to your life.

Author G B Prabhat has gleaned his academic insights into an eminently readable book with practical advice on how to apply quality management techniques to improve your life. I liked the thought provoking exercises and positive look at different aspects of life. The power of this book is that it offers a lens for taking a look at your life, its alignment with your values, and thinking of what might be new, next, and meaningful. This book outlines many key aspects professionals in any career stream would benefit from knowing.

Author’s engaging writing style makes the book entertaining from the beginning, while incredibly helpful and insightful for one of life’s greatest question: How to improve life? If the reader takes the drills, handouts, challenges, and brain storming recommended in this book seriously, it really helps reduce the size and scope of this futuristic question into more manageable pieces. You can make Maximum Person out of yourself by embracing the wisdom of Quality Management.

There are a number of straightforward practical tools in the book to encourage outside-the-box thinking. It lays out all the rules of changing and developing better life in a simple, straightforward way and gets right to the point without a bunch of rambling and seemingly unrelated filler chapters like some other self development books. I always appreciate when self-help books have practical tips and not just nice ideas. Overall, it is an excellent book and something you should not miss in order to get unstuck and reframe your life.

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