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Lethal White: J K Rowling’s New Book Released

Lethal White is fourth book of the Cormoran Strike series released yesterday, on September 18,2018. J K Rowling publishes this series under the pen name Robert Galbraith. The Cormoran Strike series is classic contemporary crime fiction set in London, where Cormoran Strike, war veteran turned private detective, solves brutal murders with the help of his trusted assistant Robin Ellacott. The first Cormoran Strike novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, was published in 2013, followed by The Silkworm in 2014 and Career of Evil in 2015. J K Rowling continues to write The Cormoran Strike series under the name of Robert Galbraith to maintain the distinction from her other writing.

Lethal White is the latest book in the Cormoran Strike series by world’s richest female author J K Rowling, with at least seven books planned. These books are loosely standalone. The mystery in each one is self-contained, but the character relationships evolve over time; most chiefly the fraught and yearning partnership between detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacot.

Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacot are kindred spirits in mystery-solving and crime-fighting, but they’re forever kept apart — Robin by her engagement to the weak and feckless Matthew, and Strike by his belief that he is too broken for a committed relationship. The banter-laden tension between these two provides the through-line that drives the Galbraith mysteries along their way.

In last book, Career of Evil, Cormoran Strike fired Robin after she put herself in danger and jeopardized the case. He regret his decision at once and show up at Robin and Matthew’s wedding. He begged her to come back to the detective agency. Lethal White picks up the story where the previous book, Career of Evil, left off. Shaken Robin going through with her wedding and regretting it, then she return to work with Strike.

They’ve been hired to investigate a case of blackmail now. This case takes on the familiar shape of the murder mystery about halfway through the novel. This book features, among other things, blackmail and counter-blackmail, betrayal and deception; a high-profile suicide that might be a murder; jewelry and paintings that could be worth millions, or not much at all; intimations of a deeply distasteful business venture no one wants to talk about; a killing that may have taken place years ago; and generally sketchy behavior extending from the Houses of Parliament to a socialist resistance movement to a crumbling countryside estate.

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