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Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia

Publisher: FingerPrint Publishing | Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction

Book Review - Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia

Title: Just Missed

Author: Himanshu Bhatia

Publisher: FingerPrint Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Just Missed by Himanshu BhatiaBook Review - Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia

Siddharth aka Mr. Perfectionist is married to his job. Relentlessly toiling for the promotion he wants, he doesn’t have time for anything, even a girlfriend. Naturally, marriage is the last thing on his mind . . . but not for his parents, who have plans of their own.

Enter Shreya, the girl-next-door. One meeting and Mr. Perfectionist is instantly besotted—he even begins to dream about marrying her.

During coffee meetings and long drives, Siddharth comes to know that a boy has entered Shreya’s life—an IIT graduate named Shivam Malhotra she met on her flight to Bangkok. Shivam is a flirt, a Casanova, and the type of guy Shreya abhors.

But there is more to Shivam than meets the eye. And Shreya, despite herself, finds herself hating him less and less every day . . .

The wedding is approaching.

What will happen with this trio?


Book Review: Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia

Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia is a tremendously moving story of love, loss, sacrifice, honor, friendship, healing, acceptance, first and second chances, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and the wrong thing for the right reasons. There is so much packed into these pages.

I like a book that follows a character at a defining point in their lives, it’s so interesting to see what choices they make and what actions take place after some sort of event shakes up their life. In Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia, Siddharth, a workaholic and focused guy, meets Shreya, and his life goes upside down. He falls immediately for her and dreams to marry her. During their time together, Siddharth comes to know that someone, a happy-go-lucky guy Shivam Malhotra, has entered in her life. Can a chance encounter change your life? For Shreya, the unexpected will challenge her assumptions about the meaning of love. Shreya and Shivam are accidental seatmates on a flight to Bangkok. By the end of the flight sparks are flying between them. Love triangles are nothing new, but this one is done well.

Himanshu Bhatia pulled every string for one of the beautiful and unpredictable story about three lives interwoven into a remarkable story of love and friendships, guilt and loss, and mistakes and forgiveness. He has a skilled writing style. He draws the reader in from page one. His ability to take raw, emotional, deep situations in life and create a page turning novel from it is fantastic.

Himanshu Bhatia has a uniquely talented way of creating characters that readers are able to relate to and when he places them in heartbreaking situations, the reader is able to go down that emotional journey with the character, a feat that is certainly not accomplished often.

Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia is captivating, poignant, emotionally charged, and well-written with tenderness and warmth and was just so hard to put down. The story has such relatable and well-fleshed out characters that easily come to life in the pages.

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