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Juiced: A Whidbey Adventure by Ted Mulcahey

The O'Malley Adventures Book #4

Juiced by Ted Mulcahey

Title: Juiced: A Whidbey Adventure

Author: Ted Mulcahey

Series: The O’Malley Adventures

Publisher: Independently Published

Genre: Cozy Mystery

First Publication: 2022

Language: English


Book Summary: Juiced: A Whidbey Adventure by Ted Mulcahey

Juiced is a fun, thrilling adventure involving secret, breakthrough research.

An invention that can save the planet?

Somehow, someway the O’Malleys have found themselves in the thick of things once again. On peaceful, bucolic Whidbey Island, they become entangled in a corporate plot to stifle a paradigm-shattering discovery, one that promises to upend conventional thinking, topple markets, and create an entirely new industry.

Kevin and Jenne, along with scientists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, find themselves pitted against a band of bumbling criminals who will stop at nothing to get what they want—including arson and murder.

It’s another rollicking adventure for the retired interior designers ably assisted by their favorite detective, the FBI, and Emma, their ever-vigilant German Shepherd Dog.

Book Review - Juiced by Ted Mulcahey

Book Review: Juiced: A Whidbey Adventure by Ted Mulcahey

Our loveable sleuth duo, the O’Malleys, are at it again. With their trademark mix of sweetness, intelligence, and humor, Kevin and Jenne, with their dog Emma, come together to stick their noses where they don’t belong. The O’Malleys have once again got themselves in the middle of the action, just as they did in every novel that came before this one. The idyllic setting of Whidbey Island is disrupted when they get involved in a corporate attempt to suppress a paradigm-shifting discovery. The new battery technology, which has the potential to challenge established ways of thinking, disrupt existing businesses, and give rise to an altogether new sector of the economy, is now in danger. In this installment, Kevin and Jenne, together with researchers from the PNNL, face up against a gang of incompetent crooks who would resort to any means necessary to acquire the things they want.

The story of Juiced by Ted Mulcahey itself is really intriguing, and it is a step up from the previous books in the series. Even though it took its time getting started and brought us to the tense point in a methodical manner, once we reached that point, it picked up the pace and became much more exciting. Again, Ted Mulcahey delivers a well-plotted and well-written mystery with multiple possibilities. The author always grabs me in the first few pages, and I stay firmly engaged in how the O’Malleys are going to figure everything out and stay safe at the same time. One of my favourite things about this series is O’Malley’s slightly quirky and conversational narrative voice that carries each book.

The characters have always been the most interesting element of this series. The O’Malleys are the book’s lifeblood, and this work is just another shining example of their significance. Their affection for one another, their enthusiasm for anything remotely exciting, and their good humour all exemplify the best of humanity. The entire cast in Juiced by Ted Mulcahey is spirited, peppy, and amusing. The Whidbey Island is filled with a terrific bunch of folks, and I really liked the supporting characters in the story. There was plenty of drama in the highly entertaining plot; the mystery itself was well done, and there were enough red herrings and twists to keep my armchair detective cravings satisfied.

The standout characteristic of the O’Malley Adventures book series is the clever wit and humour that roll off every page. The dialogue feels authentic from the lead characters, and the plot is developed to play perfectly between them and their reactions to events and other people. Kevin and Jenne steal the show in this one and interact to give a mix of empathy and resourcefulness in their investigation while being unquestionably loyal to each other.

Juiced by Ted Mulcahey was a compelling, charming, fun, cozy read and a perfect escape. Excellent characters, a captivating mystery, and humour liberally placed throughout kept me entertained from beginning to end. The characters, humour, dialogue, and compelling plots are going to ensure this series will be eagerly followed. Although this book works as a standalone, I do suggest reading the first book, just to get acquainted with the characters.

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juiced-a-whidbey-adventure-by-ted-mulcahey-the-omalley-seriesThe standout characteristic of the O'Malley Adventures book series is the clever wit and humour that roll off every page. The dialogue feels authentic from the lead characters, and the plot is developed to play perfectly between them and their reactions to events and other people.

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