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Want To Read More Books This Year? Here Are The Tips

How to read more books this year?
How to read more books this year?

We’ve always enjoyed reading and want to read more and more. But do you think you’ve read as much as you should have or you wanted to? Most of us will have negative answer to this question and the reasons would be less time, inability to concentrate, or lack of inspiration and thousand more reasons for not maintaining reading habit and read more books. Do you want to know how to read faster and more books and achieve your reading goal?

Here are few tricks, which I personally experimented, that might help you to read more books this year.

Don’t make huge reading goals initially

If you’re new to reading or not a voracious reader and wondering how to read more books, then don’t make big reading goals. Just begin with a book a month or 15-20 pages a day which you can easily achieve. If you’ve passed this target of a book a month then jump to two books a month.

As it happens in relationship, over commitment always results in stressful and less enjoyable experience. So begin with a small target, and it will grow larger with time as you find expertise in reading.

Quit Early and read books that you actually enjoy

Whenever you feel the book you’re reading is boring or you can’t keep interest in the story, quit it and begin another one immediately. When the book doesn’t interest you, the reading speed automatically falls down which further fail you to achieve your reading goal.

When you read the book you actually enjoy and want to read, it will directly reflect on your reading speed and concentration. You’ll finish quickly than you’ve expected. This will keep motivating you to read more.

Keep books handy. Always!!

You don’t know when you’ll find time or opportunity to read, so keep book with you always. You will find empty time on bus, train or car while you’re travelling to work or returning from work. There is time when you’re waiting at bank, doctor’s office or few minutes just before meeting or conference.

The only course of action to take advantage of this time is to keep book with you all the time. I always carry a book with me; it might be a paperback, or an e-book in my phone or a kindle device. To take advantage of this you should read multiple books at a time so you can read whatever is handy to you.

Create time for reading

Creating time doesn’t make sense scientifically but in reading you actually can. You’ve set two or three hours aside for this leisure activity but finding this time is actually a serious task. Many of us actually feel this dilemma and can’t find as much time as we wanted to. So check your schedule, and find where you can adjust.

On an average we spend 2-3 hours a day on TV by watching news or other entertainment programs, an hour on social medias or browsing irrelevant things on internet. So skip or cut the time you’re spending on this activity and devote it to reading. This is how you’ll ‘create’ more time to read books.

Create distraction free reading environment

Some distractions you can’t avoid, like when your Amazon Prime delivery gets dropped off and your dog goes nuts. But there are plenty of other distractions that you do have control over.

Start by reading in a room that is quiet and doesn’t have temptations like a TV. You could also turn your phone on silent or airplane mood for a certain amount of time.

Stock up and pile up Books

Usually you spend extra money on the junk you are not really in need or going to use. Spend those bucks on buying books, build up your own library at home.

It may sound absurd but it’s one of the best motivation to read more because once you’re done with one book you can look to your stocked books and pick your next book. This will reduce ‘decision fatigue’ and save time in deciding what to read next.

Change your mindset

Don’t take reading as task in hand or activity you must do. This will increase the stress and further it will become burden and you’ll be demotivated to read. Take reading as a natural thing such as eating and breathing. You will read because you feel like reading not because you must read.

Join a Book Club

Joining a book club is another way to motivate you to read more books. You’ll get a lot better and tested reading recommendations than anywhere. Beside so many book recommendations, you can discuss and share your thoughts about book you read with the community, get same in return from other members.

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