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Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence by Guru Das

Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence by Guru Das

Title: Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence

Author: Guru Das

Publisher: Self published via KDP Amazon

Genre: Self Help, Spirituality

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence by Guru Das

Many spiritual masters have stated that the mind is the source of the suffering and liberation. Understanding our mind’s conflicts helps us to overcome our suffering.

“Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence” blends the ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom of Yoga with Western psychology, modern science, insights from Holy spiritual book “Ramacharitamanas” (a profound epic on deeds of Lord Rama), and personal life experiences. It helps you develop the right understanding and thinking about your life’s inner conflicts and enables you to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, and use creative forces to discover life’s purpose.

This book offers you the tools to gain insights about your life’s purpose by understanding the real potential of mind and spirit.

Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence by Guru Das

Book Review: Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence by Guru Das

There is a point in our lives when we say enough is enough. This is what this book is about. In Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence, author Guru Das teaches us the real meaning of spirituality. He teaches us the importance of the present moment. It shows you that every minute you spend worrying about the future or regretting the past is a minute lost, because really all you have to live in is the present, the now, and gives you actionable strategies to start living every minute as it occurs.

Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence is an excellent guide to shutting off your brain noise. We let our brains run us mad most of the time, and never really stop to enjoy the space we are in. Always dwelling over the past, or fretting about the future. This book points out that the future is 100% unpredictable and to stop worrying about the past because no amount of energy devoted to the past will change it. Instead, be in the now; be present – enjoy what you have right in front of you. Experience it, because in one second it is gone, and you will never have the chance to enjoy it again.

The core message of Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence by Guru Das is that we perpetuate our sense of self at the expense of true experience. By stripping away our web of concepts and beliefs, we can see ourselves and our world unfiltered. But once we see things as they truly are, we can go from believing that we are separate from all things to knowing that we are a manifestation of all things.

Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence an ancient message. Author Guru Das has extracted core teachings from Ramacharitamanas (a profound epic on deeds of Lord Rama) and has reworked them in a way that proclaims no dogma and no cultural trappings. There are infinite ways in which truth can be realize, and Guru Das has simply provided us with another door.

Author has the unique ability to jolt one’s mind out of conventional patterns of thinking. He is very effective at continually refocusing the reader’s mind. As you read, you might find yourself building up beliefs about what he is saying. Author’s words carry a powerful kernel of truth. It doesn’t matter if we speak in Buddhist, Hindu, New Age, or Christian terms, the message remains the same. I would recommend Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence to anyone who is looking for the real meaning of their lives and to anyone who is sick and tired of the usual thing.

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