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Flowers Grow on Broken Walls by Farena Bajwa

Publisher: Self published | Genre: Poetry

Book Review- Flowers Grow on Broken Walls by Farena Bajwa

Title: Flowers Grow on Broken Walls

Author: Farena Bajwa

Publisher: Self published

Genre: Poetry

First Publication: 2021

Language: English


Book Summary: Flowers Grow on Broken Walls by Farena Bajwa

Flowers Grow on Broken walls is a unique collection of poems and prose that talks about healing and finding yourself in a world that constantly tells you that’s who you shouldn’t be.

The poems/story goes over our everyday human emotions; from being heart broken and questioning our self-worth in a world of judgment and scrutinizing social media, to finding ourselves and appreciating those really important in our lives – especially our inner, true selves. It is story that is everyone’s story at one point or the other.

The collection displays a raw and honest portrayal of an artist who cannot help but create something beautiful in the midst of the ugliness she has been put through, and who continues to hope against all odds, as she lets go of what she has been told is important and finds herself in one truly is.

The story that starts with heart ache ends with healing, it starts with rejection from someone but ends with self-acceptance, which is the only way for true healing.

Book Review- Flowers Grow on Broken Walls by Farena Bajwa

Book Review: Flowers Grow on Broken Walls by Farena Bajwa

Poetry serves as a portal to the soul. It is as distinct and individual to each poet as life has moulded different irreplicable moments in perception through experience. It’s an imprint of the individual’s words on paper, revealing the soul. In Flowers Grow on Broken Walls, Farena Bajwa offers relief to anyone moving through intense grief and loss by sharing accessible, comforting words of wisdom on how to transform our suffering in the face of tragedy. The collection has been artfully curated and arranged to tell a story that moves from loss and pain to healing and survival, from the end to the start.

This is a poetry book that I believe will mean different things to different people, but for me, it was a story penned for those of us who have survived toxic relationships and have learnt to love ourselves despite the lies we were served. Have you ever walked away from a destructive relationship, friendship, or situation? Do you recall the first time you realised that it wasn’t your fault? How did it feel to take your first breath of air after spending far too long underwater? That is how I felt about this collection. It served as a reminder of how far I’ve gone and how truly strong I am.

Flowers Grow on Broken Walls is a beautiful collection of poetry that takes the reader on a stirring journey from loss, pain, and depression all the way up to abandonment, love, empowerment, and healing. As an emotional feast for the senses and an eloquent revelation of the spirit, it’s an awe-inspiring piece of art. Whether these poems stem from private memories or were written with the intent to convey emotions to an audience, whatever the motivation behind them, but several of them made me think of loved ones who are going through difficult times and would find comfort in poetry like this.

I was really taken aback by how honest and powerful this piece of art is. The words were bursting with emotion, and the significance of what they meant was important. You could wonder, to whom are these words addressed. To everyone. To all of us who are still learning and growing. But, especially for women and girls who are still trying to find their place in this confusing muddle of a life. The poems cover a wide range of important topics such as trauma, love, grief, and healing.

What I enjoyed about this collection was the fact that it was so minimalistic – and I adore this type of writing style. Every second page was embellished with a complementary illustration. Furthermore, the poems themselves were short yet incisive. Sometimes in whispers, sometimes in screams,  they were trying to tell me that they were aware of what was going on. That they are aware of how I am feeling

I was really impressed by the author’s ability to convey emotions in such a poetic manner. Some of these lines of poetry stuck with me long after I had finished reading them. Her syntax is flawless, with each word meticulously picked and placed exactly where it should be. I’m surprised this is the author’s debut, given how accomplished she appears to be at her skills. If you’re looking for poetry with exquisite language and a distinctive voice, Flowers Grow on Broken Walls by Farena Bajwa should be at the top of your list.

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