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Ellipses by Poorva Trikha

Ellipses by Poorva Trikha

Title: Ellipses

Author: Poorva Trikha

Publisher: Leadstart

Genre: Poetry

First Publication: 2022

Language: English


Book Summary: Ellipses by Poorva Trikha

Between what is meant and what is said, between what is said and what is not conveyed, between what is conveyed and what is understood and between what is understood and what is actually meant – there are, always, ellipses.

These silent spaces are home to all the poems that form this collection, which attempts to fill the void with words. Some of these poems manifest sublimated angst, while others are peace offerings. Some of them are like prayers whispered in gratitude, while others are like documentaries of bitter truths. Some come across as manifestos of new dreams, while others are just coffins for her unfulfilled desires.

Covering a wide array of experiences, these poems unravel the poetry at the heart of a woman’s life’s myriad situations.

Book Review - Ellipses by Poorva Trikha

Book Review: Ellipses by Poorva Trikha

You have to adjust quickly to the changing conditions of your life. There just isn’t enough time in the day to deal with all the ups and downs, to get everything done that needs to be done, to have fun with friends and family, and to sleep. Poetry enables you to open up a moment, unpack the viscera of emotions, and explore the bones of life, and throughout this book, we see Poorva capturing numerous moments that are worth lingering on.

Poorva Trikha’s most recent poetry collection, “Ellipses,” explores the inner workings of a woman’s existence and all of its complexities. This collection of poetry captures Poorva’s introspective side while also delving into universal themes like angst, peace, compassion, hard truths, dreams, and unfulfilled desire. Taken together, these poems demonstrate the remarkable evolution of a writer and artist working at the height of her craft, pushing herself and her poetry in a beautiful and impressive way.

Ellipses by Poorva Trikha is a documentation of what seeps through the holes she pokes in time and space, between the things that were and the things that will be, between the things that were spoken and the things that were left unsaid. This is a short collection, and many of the poems are quite short, but they also pack a lot of emotion within them. The poems are full of soulful themes and empowering reflections that are wonderfully succinct and quotable.

In the poem “At Last,” Poorva Trikha writes:

It’s always the storms raging inside,
That turn mild waves into wild tides,
As you look through the binoculars, you’ll see,
How her mooning self today, is running free.A Silent shore with starfish and shells,
Castles in Heavens with chiming bells,
Garlands, wreaths and laurels on margins,
Are all that she is able to imagine.The ship will sink and the boat will rise,
There will be no mermaids, no lies,
Look through the chaos directly,
You’ll see,
The Truth will proudly claim its victory.

These phrases are so powerful because they capture the very essence of womanhood. She is writing in an unabashed and unapologetic manner about what it is like to be a woman and simply a human being in the modern world. When it comes to the experiences and perspectives of a woman, Poorva has penned a poetry collection that is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also unquestionably relatable. These poems and the themes that are explored within them will penetrate deep into your own heart and soothe your soul with their insight. There is a natural flow to the prose in these poems that makes it a joy to read. You won’t be able to put it down since each poem has something important to express.

Poorva Trikha’s Ellipses were excellent examples of what poetry could achieve. It will provoke deep emotions and have a profound effect on its readers, prompting them to pause, think, and reflect. And then re-read and reflect some more. These little poems have a powerful effect on the reader’s emotions. They hit all the right notes in terms of relevance, accessibility, and authenticity.

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