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Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence by Diya Asrani

Publisher: Notion Press | Genre: Personal Transformation, Business Self-help

Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence by Diya Asrani

Title: Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence

Author: Diya Asrani

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Personal Transformation, Business Self-help

First Publication: 2021

Language: English


Book Summary: Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence by Diya Asrani

In this book, Diya Asrani has taken a simple, personalized yet impactful approach towards the concept of personal branding. She highlights a subtle amalgamation of her own stories with a timeless perspective of one’s role as a brand presence in the industry. Fighting through the dilemma of figuring out ways to grow her business and get more clients effortlessly, she has built an evergreen presence that gets her clients effortlessly.

This book is a guiding light for many entrepreneurs and knowledge-givers seeking help in building and designing a presence that’s profitable, impactful, and assertive. Diya approaches the concept in a casual yet excitingly coachable way that grabs the attention and helps the reader take action. We all know getting success is a journey, and the journey is what we are living today. It’s designed by us. Thus, it is in our power to build a presence that people notice.

This book can solve an impending problem that many entrepreneurs face on a daily basis: how, on earth, do I get clients so as to run my business? In the end, it is about putting your skin in the game and working on certain aspects to build a powerful brand.

Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence by Diya Asrani

Book Review: Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence by Diya Asrani

We have seen a tremendous surge in business, be it of any kind, in the last decade. With this growth comes the companion-competition. When this is a boon for the economy, it’s not the same for a new entrepreneur. The time that a new enterprise takes to reach the break-even point has increased to twice or three the earlier and many quits trying before that. Getting noticed with today’s ever-changing technologies and platforms can be very difficult. In ‘Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence’, Diya Asrani gives good strategies and as the reader, you will gain insight into how your thought process should work. When it comes to growing your business, nothing would be more beneficial than one’s personal branding. And that’s where this book becomes useful.

‘Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence’ measures not how you see the world, but how the world sees you. The author has tons of clinical data and has worked with many individuals and well-known companies all over the globe. She asserts that in today’s crowded marketplace, it’s not enough for you to even play to your strengths. That you must learn to quickly highlight how you are DIFFERENT. And to center all your communication (marketing strategies) around those unique differences.

This book is written for: people well-established in their careers looking to change roles or fields altogether, people who know what their dream job is, young people starting out who want to make sure they get to the top. While this book is all about personal branding — the real concept is the idea that you can change your life, pretty dramatically. While change isn’t easy, this book gives solid stepping stones from beginning (The “Aha!” Moment – recognizing where you’re starting) to middle (The Burning Desire – test drive your path and develop your skills) to end (Design Your Presence! – reintroduce yourself and prove your worth).

Diya Asrani is one of those authors whose writing is concise, pragmatic, and current. She strikes a great balance between explanatory and anecdotal. She’s a “how-to” author and this book is “how to” execute a smart reinvention. The book is packed with strategies for leveraging your professional identity and becoming a true thought leader. The author, Diya Asrani, is a delightful storyteller and adds touches of humor to the many case studies that are used to illustrate the techniques needed to build your personal brand.

The uniqueness of ‘Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence’ is that is it so compelling, so captivating and so condensed, you cannot but want to read this book once you get your hands on it. In fact, one of the greatest features about this book is that you can turn any chapter and read it without reading the preceding chapters – And it would still make sense!

So, If there is a list of books whose practical application can change a person for the better, both personally and professionally with tips that are easy to adopt, adept and administer, this book would be among that list. ‘Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence’ is one of those rare kind of books on marketing which you would want to keep at an arms reach, just in case you would want to brag or share tidbits of wisdom that can amaze your audience and add a warm feeling of realization to your life.

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