Book Review: The Gift of the Gab by Hory Sankar Mukerjee

Title: The Gift of the Gab Author: Hory Sankar Mukerjee Publisher: Sage Publications Genre: Business Self Help, Communication First Publication: 2019 Language: English   Book Summary: The Gift of the Gab The trick of...

Book Review: Alchemy of Change by H N Arora, Rajan Sinha

The problem discussed in Alchemy of Change is a real one - how does one get a large organization to significantly change what it is doing without chaos breaking out and lots of time, energy, and resources being wasted?

Book Review: Attitude is Everything by Jawed Habib

Attitude is Everything by Jawed Habib is both unique and well written. Jawed Habib is masterful at squeezing an immense amount of helpful, practical advice into this short, easy-to-read, anecdote-filled book.

Book Review: Great Values, Great Business by Prasanna Swaroopa & T Chandrasekhar

Good Values, Great Business provides a comprehensive view of values in business, ranging from the basic concepts of ethics to the ethics of business applications that include ethics in the production, advertising, labor and the environment.

Book Review: Who Blunders and How? by Robin Banerjee

Title: Who Blunders and How? Author: Robin Banerjee Publisher: Sage Publications Genre: Business, Strategy & Management First Publication: 2019 Language: English   Book Summary: Who Blunders and How? by Robin Banerjee Many big companies—famous brands,...

Book Review: Zero to One by Peter Thiel

In the book Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Author uses recent history to persuasively argue that the world (and especially the USA) is stuck in a cycle of n-1 to n thinking which is based on its particular outlook on the future.

Best Books for Entrepreneurs

In an era where books for entrepreneurs are a super-popular and super-hyped thing on Amazon, it is hard to choose which ones to pick. Even though there are thousands of books for entrepreneurs on the market – not all of them live to your fullest expectations and most of them are a ton of paper waste…

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