Book Review: The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy brings us her masterful first novel The God of Small Things which won the Man Booker Prize in 1997. A powerful novel filled with luscious prose and a heart rending story, Roy reveals to her readers an India hanging onto to the traditions of the past with a slight glimpse of her future.

The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri

The Lowland is a story of choices defined by the friction created by opposing, deep rooted cultures. The ebb and flow of their lives mirrors the lowland that is the family's foundation. The author's prose is steady, calm and captivating.

Zero Not Out by Vamshi Krishna

Hopeful, beautifully written, and nothing short of spectacular, Zero Not Out by Vamshi Krishna wraps the reader in for a long and amazing journey full of laughs and tears and smiles as Varun and Nitya meet in campus and love blossoms between them.

By God – The Making of a Messiah by Shashi Warrier

By God: The Making Of a Messiah is a brilliant (and oddly prescient) satire. With the book, author Shashi Warrier offers a skewering criticism of democracy, the politics behind it, and its far-reaching ramifications in a manner that is at once humorous, intelligent, and bone-chillingly accurate.
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Book Review: First Love by Sheeja Jose

First Love by Sheeja Jose was my blackout read and it served its purpose incredibly well. I was utterly absorbed by this story of Tina – much more than I ever expected to be. This book reminded me that I am a closet romantic and I really do enjoy romance when it’s done well.

Book Review: Love Story of a Commando by Swapnil Pandey

Love story of Commando is clean, classic romance, adventure and thrill tied in a package with a sweet ending. It's not just a regular romance book that we read, It's a of a girl in love with a commando in extraordinary situations.

Book Review: Who Stole My Job? By Sunil Mishra

'Who Stole My Job?' by Sunil Mishra was a most pleasant surprise. Discovering that the one and only goal of any business is making money and this could only be achieved by a smooth flow of the work and our most important management task is to prevent any resistance slowing it was eye opening.

A Man From Mandu by Manoj Jain

A Man from Mandu is the story of Avishkar Baba, a new age Guru in town slowly gaining popularity. Instagram posts and WhatsApp daily quotes play pivotal roles in creating the hype behind this Baba.
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Book Review: The Belated Bachelor Party by Ravinder Singh

The Belated Bachelor Party by Ravinder Singh is way too witty and filled with sarcasm, this book is surely going to be one of your favorite books!The premise I got from reading the blurb was that there was an unexpected 'incident' during the bachelor party trip of four best friends to Europe.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

A Man Called Ove is a heartwarming story of a grumpy old man named Ove who, despite his rough exterior, has a big heart. This novel, written by Fredrik Backman, is a charming and hilarious tale that will leave you smiling long after you've finished reading.

Book Review: The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

Title: The Sense of an EndingAuthor: Julian Barnes Genre: Contemporary Fiction First Publication: 2011 Language: English Setting Place:  Bristol; Chislehurst; London, England Major Characters: Anthony "Tony" Webster, Veronica Mary Ford, Adrian...

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