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Jay Veloso Batista

Living on the mid-Atlantic shore of the United States, Jay Veloso Batista is an author specializing in Historical Fantasy, short stories and adventure novels. A published author of technical manuals, role playing games and poetry, in 2019 Jay published the first of his Forerunner Series novels,

Farena Bajwa

Farena Bajwa is a poet, storyteller, filmmaker, actor and voice-over artist. Everything she knows about art; she owes some Youtube tutorials and loads of imagination, combined with passion.

Ria Dutta

Born in Calcutta (now Kolkata), Ria Dutta comes from a Bengali family. She currently resides in Bangalore and has been working as a lifestyle content writer for the past five years.

Chet Kamal Parkash

Chet Kamal Parkash, a native of Jammu and Kashmir, is currently based in Ahmedabad. His passion for writing eventually inspired him to write this book. A man of varied interests, he also enjoys gardening, jogging, photography, blogging, travelling, reading, and spending time in nature. He is of the strong opinion that society should support people in getting the right education and does his bit by counselling students on their career options and choices.

Balakrishna Kamath

Balakrishna Kamath is a retired Intelligence officer of a premier Intelligence agency of India. He is a recipient of the coveted national-level honours such as the Indian Police Medal and President's Police Medal.

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