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Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

James Bond Series Book #1

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming_

Title: Casino Royale

Author: Ian Fleming

Series: James Bond #1

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Genre: Detective Fiction, Crime Thriller

First Publication: 1953

Language: English

Book Summary: Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale was the first James Bond book, released in 1953. It paved the way for 11 novels, two short story collections by Fleming, and numerous more novels by other authors.

The story revolves around a spy James Bond, the world’s most famous fictional detectives and a British spy who gambled at a casino in the French resort of Royale-Les-Eaux. Bond was supported by various individuals, such as René Mathis of the French Deuxieme Bureau, Felix Leiter of the CIA, and Eva Lynd, a member of his service.

The plot elements were based on Ian Fleming‘s experiences as a Navy Intelligence Division member. Bond’s character also reflected his tastes. In 1952, Fleming wrote the book while waiting for his wedding at his Goldeneye estate in Jamaica.


Book Review: Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

As a kid, I was mesmerized by James Bond movies, which had him outwitting the Soviets, traveling to space, and facing off against his cinematic nemesis, Jaws. I had seen practically all of the films in the series before I had read any of Ian Fleming’s novels.

However, Casino Royale stands on its own as a great book in its own right, packed with suspense, excitement, brilliance, and unexpected turns despite its short length. The novel is pretty rabid in its scorn for women, which isn’t especially unexpected given the time period in which it was written; yet, the Bond of the book (notice book, since I have only read one) appears to be different from the Casanova he is portrayed as in the movie. He is a rather calculating and heartless machine.

The gambling scene in this book, which takes place over the course of many chapters, is often considered to be the best one ever written in the history of literature. Absolutely loved it. And since this is the first book to be written and published in the series, it serves the objective of acquainting us with Mr. Bond, Felix Leiter, M, SMERSH, and other characters. We get a glimpse not just of his sophisticated and calm demeanor, but also of numerous of his vices, including some of the prevalent cultural biases of the 1950s period like his attitude toward women.

Surprisingly, at least to me, James Bond is not at all a superhuman and does mess up things sometime. Quite often, he engages in self-reflection, and as readers, we are exposed to his own internal conflicts, including his self-doubts and emotional challenges. Bond even goes through somewhat of a personal crisis that winds up becoming a motivating factor in his professional life later on.

Ian Fleming Sells the Rights to the Book

In 1955, Ian Fleming sold the rights to his book “Casino Royale” to Gregory Ratoff, a producer. After Ratoff died, Charles K. Feldman, a producer, was able to secure the rights to make a film version of the book. The film was released in 1967.

The film, which featured David Niven as James Bond, was made with the help of several credited directors. It also included notable actors such as Peter Sellers, Tom Courtenay, and Walter Huston. However, the British Film Institute called the 1967 version of the film an incoherent comedy.

Columbia Pictures acquired the rights to the film following the 1967 release. In 1989, the company was purchased by Sony. In 1999, Sony Pictures Entertainment received the rights to the movie “Casino Royale” in exchange for the partial rights to Spider-Man.

Eon Productions then produced the 2006 film “Casino Royale.” Daniel Craig starred as James Bond in his first appearance as the character. It featured other characters such as Eva Green as Lynd, Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre, and Judi Dench as M. Casino Royale is a reboot of the story, showing Bond’s early career as a 00-agent.

The producers of the “James Bond” franchise had been trying to create a new direction for the character for years. The success of the “Bourne” films helped Bond find a new path in Casino Royale.

Based on the first book in the Ian Fleming series, Casino Royale is a kind of origin story that follows James Bond as he tries to find his soul. Like the “Bourne” movies, this film follows its hero on a journey of redemption. But Casino’s antihero is on a different path.

The film’s opening set piece featured a spectacular, staged foot chase that left everyone spellbound. It also showed that this isn’t your regular James Bond. Casino Royale is believed by many to be the most excellent Bond movie ever made.

For the first time in the “James Bond” series, the character is not idealized as a fictional embodiment of the fantasy of every man and woman.


Casino Royale Box Office Performance

Since its release in 2006, Casino Royale has earned over $600 million worldwide. It was the fourth-highest-grossing film of the “James Bond” series until Skyfall was released in 2012.

Released in the UK in 2006, Casino Royale became the highest-grossing film in the country during its opening weekend. It also broke various box-office records during its run. After finishing its run, the film earned over £55.4 million, making it the tenth-highest-grossing movie in the country.

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