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What Does Your Bookshelf Reveal About You?

Bookshelf reveals about your personality

Bookshelf is pride of a bookworm and and arrangements of book in bookshelf reveals about you and your personality!

The way you arrange your books in shelves clearly states your preferences in life as well. American novelist Walter Mosley said, “A man’s bookcase will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about him,” and this is absolutely true.

Some love to showcase books in color-coded pattern or arrange by titles, some displays it by author or some just stack them up.



In your bookshelf ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell placed before ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding. This doesn’t mean that you like the latter any less. This arrangement of bookshelf reveals about you that you’re too organised and like to keep things in order. You’re a problem-solver, classy and love vintage.


If you’ve arranged books genre wise in your bookshelf, then your mind is compartmentalized into different chambers. This kind of arrangement in bookshelf reveals about you that you like to keep the different issues in life well segregated. You like to arrange things according to your preferences. You’ve a little bit of every kind of personality feature in you, and you know how to balance them all together.

Color Coordinated

Your bookshelf is arranged in color-coded pattern then you’re one creative mind. You’ll never compromise on presentation. You love the most to experiment with crafts and to explore new opportunities. You speak your mind loud but there is a very personal and secretive space inside you.


If you’ve decorated your bookshelf with different bookish things, you are a great storyteller; you love to tell tales of your experiences, likes and dislikes. You love to spend a good time with everyone around and you behave extremely politely with them. Ornamented bookshelf unravels the fact that you have an active child in you. The knick-knacks and the souvenir collections still fascinates you.

Cluttered and Stacked up

If your bookshelf overloaded with books in every corner of the shelf and looks unorganized, it doesn’t mean that you are clumsy too. This indicates that you are a mad genius and don’t believe in outward personality or looks. You trust the inner self and the content inside. The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” fits you the best. You are most comfortable with your old and steady friends.


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