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Books About Bisexuality to Read This Pride Month

Books About Bisexuality to Read This Pride Month

In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in the topic of bisexuality. In the past, most people were unaware that bisexuality existed and had no idea what to do with their sexuality. Thanks to the introduction of online dating sites, books about bisexuality, and many other resources, more and more people are now finding the confidence to come out of the closet and embrace their sexuality.

While you can’t keep dating sites out of the equation, books about bisexuality have also noticed an uptick in their popularity. The reason is not only the fact that there are many bisexuals out there, and they need to be represented in the book market but also because it is a topic that has been on the radar for some time now.

Just like finding the right dating site with a vibrant community to have a bi chat, finding the right books about bi-sexuality can be quite tricky. The first thing that you need to know about a bisexual book is its genre. Although genres such as romance are often associated with bisexuality, it does not mean that all books written in these genres are about bisexuality. It’s important to understand how different types of books work as a whole.

What you want to read is essential, but it’s advisable to look for books about bisexuality with a storyline that makes you feel more comfortable about your sexual orientation and inspires you to look for a partner in the real world. Again, dating sites are around to lend a helping hand, but you’ll have to learn how to present yourself in the right light to win a date. And for that, you can always start by reading the following bisexual-friendly books for bi-curious.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

Try this novel by Talia Hibbert if you’re after something that revolves around bi romance without going over the top on multi-gender attraction.

Danika Brown, an educated, uncompromising, and incredibly gorgeous bisexual student stays away from committed relationships. However, she ends up faking one when she and Zafir, a handsome security guard, are recorded in a misleadingly passionate moment that goes viral.

But she soon realizes that they share a sizzling chemistry. What happens next is extremely exciting and interesting for those looking for a dating partner and hoping to meet their bisexual love on a dating site.

Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Gender and sexual flexibility are at the heart of this feminist classic written by the famed LGBT novelist. Orlando, the book’s central bisexual character, is introduced in the Renaissance, goes on to live a long life, and then mysteriously transforms into a woman in the midst of the narrative. What happens next is truly worth reading.

This is one of the best books about bisexuality and truly a masterpiece by Virginia Woolf, who actually penned the book as more of a love letter to Vita Sackville-West, her long-time (bisexual) friend and lover.

My Education by Susan Choi

First love can be an excruciating experience, and reading My Education is like being taken on a roller-coaster that seems like it would never stop. It’s quite the same when you join a bisexual dating site and find an endless list of potential partners.

The story is about Regina, a 20-year-old bisexual graduate student who exhibits an array of conflicting traits such as innocence, passion, intellect, and emotional immaturity. It’s about her all-consuming romance with her professor’s wife, Martha, and where it takes them both. Everything described in Choi’s luscious Victorian-esque prose makes it even more exciting.

Hild: A Novel by Nicola Griffith

This epic work of historical fiction is set in Britain in the seventh century and tells a dramatized narrative of Saint Hild of Whitby, a Catholic Saint who was also the king’s youngest niece and, in Griffith’s interpretation, a bisexual. It analyses everything that was going on politically during that period, including the transition from paganism to Christianity, as well as many royals and court intrigue.

Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution by Shiri Eisner

This book is a good introduction to bisexuality and tips on how to come out and live life to the fullest. It discusses the psychology of bisexuality, the different sexual orientations, the unique experiences that people have with bisexuals, and how these experiences affect their lives and relationships.

It also gives tips on how to be a better bisexual. In general, if someone is serious about being a bisexual, they should educate themselves and learn as much as possible about the different types of sexual orientations. These will allow them to make educated choices in meeting new people, not just anyone who looks like “they” but has similar likes and dislikes.



Bisexuality is one of the most controversial topics in the world today. It can cause a lot of pain and distress for some people. That’s why someone who is bi-curious or still struggling to identify their sexual identity should resort to quality books about bisexuality or sign up on a bisexual dating site where they can interact with other more experienced users and bring their life back on track.

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