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Thank You Richa by Rima Sen

Book Review - Thank You Richa by Rima Sen

Book Summary: Thank You Richa

Richa is a beautiful mirage, and yet Kadhir can’t help falling for her magic as it’s her heart that he desires most.

The waves of life whimsically throw them together and pull them apart with the heartache of unrequited young love.

Now happily married, Kadhir Perumal is a successful cricketer and has come a long way from the carefree days when he was smitten by the bug of first love.

Kadhir has never been able to fully forget Richa, and her spirit still pervades his life like a talisman.

One innocuous message from Richa after eighteen years upsets many equations and dynamics overnight. Will he be able to extricate himself from the grip of Richa’s effervescent memories? Will there be absolution to this chapter in Kadhir’s life? And Will he be able to confess to Richa that she was the muse who led his dreams to soar and find realisation through cricket?

Thank you, Richa runs like parallel lines which never meet. Kadhir and Richa’s lives run parallel, forever close yet always apart.


Book Review: Thank You Richa

Richa and Kadhir have been friends since school. Kadhir is now a famous cricketer and Richa is an air-hostess in a well established airline company. Life is looking pretty good for Kadhir, he’s happily married to Shenbaga for twelve years and a successful cricketer, and has moved on from his first love Richa long ago. Kadhir’s all sweet memories of his time with Richa come alive when he received a text message from Richa.

This story of Thank You Richa is filled with engaging characters, loving family members and a couple of best friends learning to navigate life on their terms. It’s about change and challenges and facing things that are outside current boundaries. The story is charming, sweet, and filled with hope and possibilities. It’s a short read with no cliff-hangers and a guaranteed Happily-Ever-After that will leave you with a smile on your face and a flutter in your heart. It is written in first person POV which gives readers much more of the main character Kadhir’s thoughts and feelings.

I loved the progression of their friendship, the ups and downs as well. This was a book that really warms your heart and is a perfect romantic book that includes everything from friendship to attraction to cozy heart-warming romance that slowly grows. There is friendship, passion, romance and lots of chemistry in this amazing book.

Author Rima Sen has a way of lifting people up…not just her characters but also her readers. The lady knows her way around a good story. Thank You Richa is well written story with a nice story-line and plot. I like that the characters and how they develop. It’s a passionate and emotional read with little twists, yet it will definitely catch your attention till the end. Highly recommended to fans of romance genre.

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