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Book Review: Love Story of a Commando by Swapnil Pandey

Book Review Love story of a Commando by Swapnil Pandey

Title: Love Story of a CommandoBook Review Lovestory of a Commando by Swapnil Pandey

Author: Swapnil Pandey

Publisher: Westland

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Narration type: First Person, Riya’s Point Of View

Major Characters: Riya, Captain Virat


Book Summary: Love Story of a Commando

Get ready to explore the lesser known side of our brave soldiers, Author Swapnil Pandey brings before you ‘Love Story of a Commando’ which is the love story of a NSG Commando Captain Virat and a millennial Riya.

The plot revolve around them, Captain Virat is swift, sharp, lethal and dark while Riya is full of aspirations and dreams, blissfully happy in her own little world. Her Dadi talks about true love but she always wondered if ever she will witness it until the day she meets captain Virat in an Art exhibition in Delhi, sparks fly and this extraordinary romance spans over various cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kashmir, PoK Pakistan.

There is a thing about falling for a man in uniform and alongside bliss and euphoria,there are lot of repercussions as well. The most attractive aspect of the book is that the characters, their personalities and their overall plotting portrays the true essence of the lifestyle and sacrifices our security personnel make in their daily lives.

The action packed book is loaded with emotions unheard of Armed force personnel. The characters provide a better clarity, shades and etches of our Armed Forces especially Special forces units who are risking their lives every day and sacrificing so much for the country.

The book emphasizes that armed forces people are just not brutal killing machines or mere tools of politics but also  human beings full of emotions and values.


Book Review: Love Story of a Commando

I guess I was a little naïve when I started this book but I am certainly glad that I was. I had not read anything from this author before and was unaware of her skill with words. Love story of Commando is clean, classic romance, adventure and thrill tied in a package with a sweet ending. It’s not just a regular romance book that we read, It’s a of a girl in love with a commando in extraordinary situations.

The book starts off making you sit on the edge of your seat. A rescue operation at Taj, Assassination attack on PM, Encounter with terrorist in POK are backdrop of this amazing love story. The whole book is full of action and adventure with very good romance involved.

From the first sentence I was drawn into this story of Riya and Captain Virat. Riya met Captain Virat accidentally during her visit to an art gallery after bunking a class. It was love at first sight for both. After that day they never met again until after a few years, When Riya is working in Mumbai after getting placed from college.

To celebrate the promotion, Riya and her colleagues went to Hotel Taj. The Taj was attacked by terrorists while they’re having dinner. And here Captain Virat enters again in her life to save her from the attack but now he’s a ‘black cat’ commando. After this incident Virat again disappears.

Riya, in heart broken state, left the job in Mumbai and joins a school in Kashmir as a computer teacher. Riya found this work more satisfying than her previous job. She settles there and enjoys her teaching. After about a year of Riya joined the school, Prime Minister visits Kashmir and her school. During PM’s speech in her school, there was another terrorist attack to assassin PM. Though terrorist failed in their mission, but have created chaos in school and area. Here Virat enters again in Riya’s life.

The overwhelming feelings, especially the love and anger and loss, are so vivid described that you’ll feel for both characters. Both Riya and Capt. Virat aren’t perfect. They struggle with their choices and feelings, trying to do what’s best but not always succeeding.

Riya and Virat are great characters. Virat is a strong soldier, confident in his purpose with a soft heart. Riya is beautifully written, having a quiet strength, but struggling with love and questioning about the hard things she’s had to endure. They play so well off one another and their chemistry is palpable, but has a solidity that goes beyond simple infatuation. Susan is another excellent supporting character that has good depth and heart touching story.

Swapnil Pandey has a gift for fantastic scene descriptions. I love the way she dives into all of the senses to give you the feeling of watching the action from a few feet away. The author made this book real with strong details about army and their life. This was a great read that I had a hard time putting down, so I’m looking forward to the next book by Swapnil Pandey.

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