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Book Review: Breaking Philosophy by Nishitha Bujala

Book Review - Breaking Philosophy by Nishitha Bujala

Title: Breaking PhilosophyBook Review - Breaking Philosophy by Nishitha Bujala

Author: Nishitha Bujala

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Mystery Thriller

Language: English

Setting: USA

Main Characters: Sophie Tucker, Filo hardy, Brandin, Phil, Elizabeth

Narration Type: Third Person


Book Summary: Breaking Philosophy

Seventeen-year-old Sophie Tucker’s quiet life is thrown into disarray when she finds her father, the mayor of the town, dead in the house. Before she can understand what happened, she is kidnapped by a man who claims to be from a secret government laboratory called the CSES.

Filo Hardy hails from a family of the long disappeared great Himalayan Maharishis or the enlightened in India. She wants almost nothing from the world. But the CSES might just have the one thing she can’t refuse.

Twenty volunteers. Ten lab heads. One trainer. A survival game. It was supposed to be very simple. But what happens when you find you’ve been lied to, manipulated and not everything is as it seems to be?

You break.


Book Review: Breaking Philosophy

Breaking Philosophy by Nishitha Bujala is a dark and twisted mystery thriller that opens in dramatic circumstances in the house of Bill Tucker, the Mayor of the town Centralia. In a strange and shocking incident, Bill Tucker (Sophie’s father) shot dead and Sophie gets kidnapped. Sophie Tucker wakes up in a strange room full with soldiers. The commander of the Centre for Surveillance and Experimental Sciences (CSES), Mack Collins, tells Sophie that her father was a traitor and leaked information to the Soviet, So they have to kill him and brought her here for information about her father’s safe which contains some classified documents.

In the same town, Filo Hardy was struggling to earn her bread and pay for her brother Sebastian’s cancer treatment.  Her late father, Krishna Hardy (Krishna Patel, After marrying an Irish woman he adopted her surname, Hardy) was master in the art of Yoga and meditation. Filo has learned meditation and yoga from her father. He taught Filo how to convert all the negative emotions into happiness. CSES convince Filo to help in training twenty volunteer to resist hot temperature as a part of a pilot project called Project Basalt; and in exchange they’ll save her brother’s life.

Everybody wants to be a part of something big. I sometimes feel that’s what life is about. All of us fighting to be included in a world that constantly moves forward. 

Both girls, Filo and Sophie, find support in each other and develop friendship. They, together, lead a team of 20 volunteers in a survival game. In the journey, they confronted with death and revealed lies and unearthed secrets that shook their world and their life begins to spiral out of control.

Author Nishitha Bujala written a book that will keep you up way too late because you can’t put the book down. She has a knack for creating characters who are so believable they could easily be someone you know. I enjoyed the characters in Breaking Philosophy. They became engrossed in their stories, such good characterizations; from naïve and strong Sophie and Philo, who shows tremendous growth during the course of this novel, to the wicked psychopath antagonist.

Breaking Philosophy is a chilling and thrilling story of intrigue, secrets, lies and plentiful twists. The suspense and tension, and growing air of menace make this an exciting and intensely engaging mystery thriller which I enjoyed reading.

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