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Book Review: Alchemy of Change by H N Arora, Rajan Sinha

Book Review - Alchemy of Change

Title: Alchemy of Change

Author: H N Arora, Rajan Sinha

Publisher: Sage Publications

Genre: Business and Leadership

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Alchemy of ChangeBook Review - Alchemy of Change

Change is inevitable and usually painful. A spoonful of empathic leadership, a smattering of new tools and a few sachets of foundational values boil together to create organizational transformation. However, not all change efforts are successful. Alchemy of Change shows that value-based institutions, which evolve from the wisdom of the soil, can bring about enduring change.

Introducing the Indian Model of Change, which is based on Indian values of leadership, dialogue, mutual respect, and goal setting, the authors explain how the nuances and distinctions of the Indian mindset and cultural backdrop can help to keep pace with today’s fast-changing world. Through real case studies and references from diverse literature, the book shows that change management cannot be treated as a mechanical exercise because change affects and is affected by human emotions, both at an individual and collective level. It is an insightful read for senior management and HR professionals, for all stakeholders who are entrusted with the task of facilitating or bringing about change in an organization, as well as students of change. For the general reader, the book can be a journey in self-awareness and growth.

Book Review: Alchemy of Change

Alchemy of Change is a great book about how to lead change in an very fast environment. Not only do authors give a simple framework for implementing change, they contrast and explain how the slower moving business environments of the earlier 20th century allowed for business to adopt a culture of slow moving decision making. As competitive environments have accelerated these old ways of doing business have not only become less effective but can be barriers to competing in a rapidly changing environment.

Authors, H N Arora and Rajan Sinha, have structured Alchemy of Change in seven main parts, each one being a critical element of change. Each part then is consisted of sub-modules and each sub-module is backed up with real world stories on how the element being discussed is put into practice and how it’s lead into a snowball of change.

The problem discussed in Alchemy of Change is a real one – how does one get a large organization to significantly change what it is doing without chaos breaking out and lots of time, energy, and resources being wasted? The book starts with a discussion of all the ways in which a change program can fail. Then authors, H N Arora and Rajan Sinha, propose a process for avoiding those mistakes. The writing is good, the structure of the book is effective, the perspective is sceptical and realistic. The examples are developed better and are successful in what they want to convey.

The authors succeeded in motivating change leaders to reconsider everything; it’s a time to consider where we have been, where we are now, and what we can achieve. How we get there depends on how we engage and empower internal and external teammates, reward innovation and creativity and work smarter together.

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