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A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah

Publisher: Notion Press | Genre: Crime Fiction

Book Review - A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah
Title: A Silent Takeover
Author: Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah
Publisher: Notion Press
Genre: Crime Fiction, Mystery Thriller
First Publication: 2020
Language: English
Major Characters: Raaj Kumar Muthodi, Suhaasini, Preethi, Randheer, Dr. Grammy, Vasishtha, Siddlingu
Narrator: Third Person Omniscient

Book Summary: A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah

On his 50th birthday, arrogant playboy superstar Raaj Kumar gets into a verbal scuffle with the media gathered outside his house who question his inability to maintain romantic relationships. He decides to take a sabbatical and disappears off the grid to Chikkamagaluru.

Suhaasini, an intern at the tabloid Muthodlur Blitz is assigned a difficult task – to track down Raaj and get an exclusive interview. Her research into Raaj’s life uncovers a strange pattern; ill-fate follows every official ex-girlfriend of Raaj – each one either becomes mentally unstable or dies under mysterious circumstances. Determined to solve this mystery, Suhaasini vows to unravel this sinister web, unearthing dark secrets and evil schemes along the way.

As she gets closer to the truth, the death of key players and an attack to silence her only drives Suhaasini to keep on digging. Will she succeed? Will the culprit be brought to justice? And what will be the cost of her persistence to expose the truth?

Book Review - A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah

Book Review: A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah

While celebrating his 50th birthday, a superstar Raaj Kumar asked about his failed romantic relationships by media. After verbal spat with media, he decides to take a break from work and go on vacation. Suhaasini, an intern at local tabloid, given a task to conduct an interview with Raaj Kumar. While researching for her interview with Raaj, She discovers some strange patters about his ex-girlfriends. Raaj’s each ex-girlfriend either died under mysterious circumstances or becomes mentally unstable. This book started out as your normal crime mystery story. But it quickly became a lot more.

Suhaasini’s quest for the big story puts her in a lot of danger, but author has written a realistic portrayal of an up and coming reporter trying to make a mark in the news world, not an easy feat. Suhaasini’s thirst to know what really happened to those girls kept me intrigued all through out the novel. Her role as a journalist kept her in loop into this buried mystery about Raaj’s ex-girlfriends. The mystery itself is full of many twists and turns that appear naturally and don’t feel contrived.

This book is pretty well written and plotted. At the beginning of the story the tension lagged on and off a little, but picks up speed immediately with the outset of Suhaasini’s investigation of Raaj’s ex-girlfriends.

Author Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah’s writing is excellent in terms of the general plot and how it plays out and also in his turn of phrase. Many mysteries do not allow for much in the way of character development or they expend too much energy on the characters at the expense of the plot. Here author Sarvananda hits the mark with his writing style. His main characters are developed and interesting; His minor characters provide a nice backdrop.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Silent Takeover by Sarvananda Chandrashekaraiah which is a tense, exciting read with plenty of twists. It makes for addictive reading as more and more facts are uncovered, although their arrival at a solution seems like a bolt from the blue and decidedly unheralded. The way the plot and characters were written, you can neither guess the culprit nor the motive behind the crime until the denouement.

A Silent Takeover was intense and suspenseful, and was a thriller to its very core. This book flows so smoothly, at a nice brisk pace. It’s one that you could easily read in a day or two if you were so inclined. There is an intriguing plot, lots of twists, some wonderful characters, plenty of clues, suspects, and a good dose of thrill.


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