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The Best Books About Casino Games to Read While on GamStop

Brightening Up Your Exclusion Period

On the one hand, GamStop it’s not just a program that puts limits on casino fans; it is a useful and necessary tool that many players use to their advantage. On the other, sometimes its imposed cooldown periods seem too long, especially for players who are not aware of portals like with online bookmakers not on GamStop. Considering this, being able to brighten up the exclusion period just a little bit would be invaluable for many self-excluded players. For these gamblers, we have prepared a list of books both entertaining and useful: something to help players stay in a gambling “tone,” and to get through the cool-off period faster.

Must-Read Books for Gamblers Under GamStop Cooldown

Books, even despite the opinion that they already belong to the past, still have a good incentive and contain valuable knowledge. Therefore, gamblers in break mode or cooldown period can spend their waiting time reading several good books.

Each of the books below has its philosophy, direction, and base, which will help you learn new casino features, strategies, and tricks to win big money.

Modern Poker Theory by Michael Acevedo

Among gamblers-amateurs or beginners, the paper format remains very popular. Michael Acevedo’s book Modern Poker Theory is often recommended for those who want to get acquainted with the basic concepts of casinos and card games.

Michael Acevedo is a former mathematician on the development team for one of the most advanced Game Theoretical Optimum (GTO) solvers. He plays poker online and participates in some of the biggest online tournaments.

The main principle of the system is the correct play of the desired range of hands with the exploitation of weaknesses and mistakes of opponents. It sounds complicated and confusing, but it is possible to learn how to act according to the GTO strategy, which Michael Acevedo tells readers about and shows the result by his example.

If you do not consider the various basic terms and concepts, then experienced gamblers will be interested in information about the GTO Strategy. For beginners, in his poker book, Michael Acevedo tried to convey these advanced theories to the general public in the most understandable language – so that they become clear even to people who have never heard of the concept of GTO.

The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic by Richard E. Epstein

If you are looking for entertaining fiction about gambling, skip this one. However, if you are searching for a fundamental and scientific tome that will skyrocket your knowledge of gambling theory, this title is precisely what you need.

Probability theory and statistics, even in mathematical dialogues, cause a lot of controversy and misunderstanding. But fortunately, it will be useful for GamStop users to get acquainted with the ideas of Richard E. Epstein since, according to the author himself, this helped him to achieve success in his gambling career.

Unlike Modern Poker Theory by Michael Acevedo, this book may seem more complicated and more informative in terms of numbers, calculations, and percentages. Because of this, for many, even experienced gamblers, the book is very difficult to read and will bring nothing but artistic phrases and words.

Nevertheless, Richard E. Epstein describes part of the theory and practice perfectly. Many call this book “The Bible for Gamblers” because it contains a classic description of gambling and the underlying laws of probability.

Epstein’s most popular technical casino book is The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic. Inside, it is divided into specific sections. Do not try to study or skip them randomly because the author clearly connects the entire book and competently leads readers to the finale.

Raise Your Game by Alan Stein, Jon Sternfeld

The main idea of the book Raise Your Game is that success depends on focusing on the basics. This applies not only to casinos and gambling but also to sports, business, etc. The book is similar to the Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in 1997 but with much clearer instructions.

The book’s main idea is that what you do every day determines who you are and your level of success. Daily work style and habits are a mirror, and each new day is an image of what was received yesterday. For gamblers who will read this book, it is essential to determine the goals and objectives while playing in an online or offline casino. The book will contain clear real-life examples of how a person acts in challenging situations, such as losing large sums, streaks, or difficult situations.

So if you’re limited to GamStop for one of the classic gambler reasons, feel free to check to Raise Your Game by Alan Stein and Jon Sternfeld. Because regardless of the type of activity, the actions of many people are similar, and the authors will talk about how to fix or avoid it.


The three books described above do not cover online gambling fully, and we definitely encourage you to find and read more books while on GamStop. Still, the titles reviewed above represent three different directions. Modern Poker Theory will tell you how the poker system works in online and offline casinos and help gamblers build their style and gambling strategies. The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic contains many information and mathematical examples to help you win real money. A Raise Your Game book is for those who want to learn something new about themselves.

Overall, these are the must-read books for gamblers that are totally worth your attention, especially during a GamStop-imposed break from gambling and online casinos.

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