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Around the World with Moby by Muzna Kazim

Around the World with Moby by Muzna Kazim -

Title: Around the World with Moby: My First Trip

Author: Muzna Kazim

Publisher: Self-published

Genre: Children’s literature, Graphic Novel

First Publication: 2022

Language: English


Book Summary: Around the World with Moby by Muzna Kazim

From scared and travel-phobic to a spirited avid traveler, this is a true story of a sweet boy with autism who was scared of traveling. The parents decide to take him out on a journey, so they gradually prepare him by implementing helpful strategies to cope with his fear and anxiety.

Travel anxiety can be very distressing for kids on the autism spectrum. Moby’s parents were concerned that he was missing out on many new learning opportunities since he was not exploring the world outside his home. So, they take him out on a short vacation to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through Moby, the author penned down a personal story with her son who is on the spectrum and discussed how as parents they helped their son get over his travel anxiety using different strategies. In addition, Moby explores the scenic city of Minneapolis, which has turned lush green in the spring season.

The book can be helpful for both neurodiverse and neurotypical children who are scared of traveling.

Book Review - Around the World with Moby by Muzna Kazim

Book Review: Around the World with Moby by Muzna Kazim

Air travel may be a little overwhelming for anyone who isn’t used to the frenzied routines of airports, and it can be a living nightmare for children with autism. An autistic youngster could have a miserable time flying because they are unable to cope with the sensory overload that occurs at airports. Around the World with Moby by Muzna Kazim is a valuable resource for young travelers and their parents.

This delightful book, Around the World with Moby, illustrates the experiences of an extraordinary eight-year-old kid, Moby, on a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he explores many amazing places like the Mall of America, Minnehaha Park, and the Lake of Isles. His story is told to us via his eyes and voice as we get to know him, his family members, and his triumphs and struggles. Young Moby has autism, and he gets travel anxiety whenever he has to go out. Because of his autism, little Moby has trouble venturing out into the world.

When it comes to traveling or experiencing anything new, Moby is usually too scared. His parents worry that Moby is missing out on valuable opportunities for growth since he prefers to spend his days at home following the same routine. For this reason, they’ve planned a quick trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to give him a fine experience. The vacation begins with a 3-hour flight, followed by a stay in a hotel and sightseeing in Minneapolis. His parents make it possible for him to fight his anxiety by providing him with useful tools. Moby was able to maintain his composure and quickly adjust to the temporary disruption in his routine thanks to these tools. As the narrative progresses, Muzna Kazim sprinkles in helpful tidbits of advice for parents on how to best prepare their autistic kid for an outdoor adventure.

As readers, we get to experience every step of the journey, from packing the bags to loading the cab to navigating the airport to the takeoff and landing of the flight. The delightfully intricate illustrations provide a record of every stage of Moby’s travel experience. The illustrations were the most interesting element of the book to me because of the attention to detail. This graphic book is both informative and engaging; it vividly depicts the hustle and bustle of a contemporary airport.

Around the World with Moby has been written with younger readers in mind, yet it may easily be enjoyed by teens and adults. It’s well-written, attractive, and colorfully presented, with a striking cover that foreshadows the book’s overall theme. The aim of the book is to provide interesting and engaging activities for children to concentrate on while they are on vacation with their families. Together, the colorful, detailed, and varied illustrations by Rabindra Barman and the succinct, matter-of-fact writing by Muzna Kazim make a winning combination.

This book is not only a fun way to introduce youngsters to the concept of traveling, but it is also an excellent tool for preparing young children for air travel. The fact that it has a wealth of interesting subjects that may be debated and contemplated makes this book a great sharing experience.


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