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Anatomy of a Broken Heart by Victoria Onica

Anatomy of a Broken Heart by Victoria Onica

Title: Anatomy of a Broken Heart

Author: Victoria Onica

Publisher: Independently Published

Genre: Family & Relationship

First Publication: 2022

Language: English


Book Summary: Anatomy of a Broken Heart by Victoria Onica

One of the most difficult things about a breakup is that it often feels like it comes out of nowhere. One day you are happy and in love, and the next day, it’s all over.

No one likes feeling pain, and breakups can be extremely painful. But it is essential to remember that pain is a natural and necessary part of life. Without pain, we would never know pleasure. And without experiencing loss, we would never appreciate love.

Whether you went through a mutual or an ultimatum breakup it does not matter, I know it can be challenging to forget him and get over this relationship. But, remember that your ex is not evil, they are just someone who made a decision that was best for them. And you are not a victim, you are a strong and independent person who will get through this tough time.

Anatomy of a Broken Heart is not about trying to fix what’s broken. It’s not about trying to mend your heart and put the pieces of your life back together. In this book, you will find an explanation of more common types of breakups, so you can be more prepared for when your next one comes along.

While this can be a difficult time, it is vital to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Some people find deep breathing helpful. Others find it useful to picture a calm place. In this book, you will find techniques that will help you get over the breakup and find the ones that work best for you. The pain and anger will start to disappear, and you will be one step closer to moving on with your life. And two more steps closer to becoming the woman you always looked up to.

Remember that many people have gone through this experience. You are not alone and remember you will find love again. And the best is yet to come!

Book Review - Anatomy of a Broken Heart by Victoria Onica

Book Review: Anatomy of a Broken Heart by Victoria Onica

There has been a lot written about the wondrous things of love, but when the love is lost and the heart is broken, the resulting breakup can be extremely painful. When we are rejected in love, it might seem as if we have been physically punched in the gut. Anxiety floods the body, our sense of self-worth is put into question, and we may even convince ourselves that we are unlovable. The agony and despair of having one’s heart broken are emotionally draining and exhausting, but it may also offer a chance for genuine and profound self-transformation, paradoxically leaving one both stronger and softer, and capable of loving much more deeply and passionately than they could before.

What causes our bodies to respond so powerfully to breakups and the loss of love, how can we recover from these experiences, and how long should this process take? In Anatomy of a Broken Heart, Victoria Onica examines the most difficult aspect of a relationship—heartbreak—and offers a method for overcoming it and emerging from the experience stronger, bolder, and emotionally evolved.

Anatomy of a Broken Heart by Victoria Onica is divided into eight parts: Science Of Breaking Up, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, Moving On, and The Brightside. As a consequence, we get an extraordinarily upfront and refreshingly frank look at the breakups and the process of healing from them. The author Victoria Onica articulates it more clearly than any other depiction of broken relationships that I’ve come across in my reading. She doesn’t really advise you on what to do after the breakup or how to put your life back together, but rather helps you recognise how your own behaviours may be causing you unnecessary pain and suffering.

In her writing, Victoria Onica conveys a sense of sincerity and understanding, and she does an excellent job of coming across as kind and patient, as if we were listening to a therapist. She mentioned a number of observations that struck a chord with me, such as the fact that we often remain in our negative state of mind because it is simpler than attempting to break out into the unknown, or the fact that we frequently use anger as a method to cover up our feelings of grief.

Anatomy of a Broken Heart is a priceless prescription for solace and encouragement, wisdom and experience, and it is filled with quick practises, exercises, anecdotes (often drawn from the author’s own experience), meditations, as well as sound guidance on how to cope with day-to-day sufferings. It is like having a conversation with an endlessly patient and reliable friend who reminds you in a thousand different ways about the thing that is the most important to remember and the easiest to forget: “You’re going to be alright.”

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