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Align by Harmony Kwiker

Living and Loving from the True Self

Align by Harmony Kwiker

Title: Align

Author: Harmony Kwiker

Publisher: Mantra Books

Genre: Self-help

First Publication: 2022

Language: English


Book Summary: Align by Harmony Kwiker

There is a fundamental core within each of us where our true nature resides. Our learned patterns of relating to ourselves and the world cause us to get pulled off our center, coming out of alignment with our True Self. While these conditioned patterns were at one time useful, continuing to live from them prevents us from experiencing the ease and beauty of our own true nature.

In this remarkable exploration of the human condition, Harmony Kwiker provides a clear and comprehensive map to rediscovering how to live and love from the True Self, including how to come back to wholeness by accessing your subtle energy body, how to embody your alignment in all of your relationships and how to explore sexual intimacy in a sacred way.

Book Review - Align by Harmony Kwiker

Book Review: Align by Harmony Kwiker

Have you ever had the feeling that everything is going your way? Time seems to slow down, and you are able to comprehend everything extremely clearly. You are very confident in the decisions you make and have a deep sense that you are heading in the correct direction. This is what it means to be aligned with one’s true self: having your actions, words, and goals for the future aligned with your deepest convictions about who you are and what you value. It’s about growing into your full potential and pushing beyond the barriers you previously believed

This self help book is about finding oneness with yourself and aligning yourself with your values. The only thing that may bring about emotional pain and psychological suffering is a breakdown in alignment with the true self. And when our alignment with the core of our being is compromised, we end up in a crash. The book discusses the agony that results when we get disconnected from who we really are. Though we want relief from our pain and look for ways to alleviate it, we unknowingly prolong it by sticking to those unpleasant feelings. As there is a sense of familiarity and comfort in the suffering, we tend to keep thinking the same self-destructive ideas over and over again.

This book by Harmony Kwiker is a deep dive into the human psyche, and it provides a detailed plan for getting back in touch with one’s true self and reclaiming a life worth living. As a psychotherapist and professor of transpersonal Gestalt therapy, Harmony Kwiker has a wide range of experience. She is of the opinion that there is nothing about us that needs improvement since we are already complete. It requires a great deal of effort and the right kind of direction to be able to live from a place of completeness when there is so much noise in the world telling us differently. With the intention of training therapists and coaches to support such profound work, she created a psychotherapeutic framework she calls Spiritual Alignment Technique (SAT).

Align by Harmony Kwiker is a spiritual journey that will lead to peace and joy. It is both a kind nudge and a thoughtful guidance that helps us get in touch with our true self. This is a powerful, profound work of art that helps you understand the price we pay for not being our true selves. It’s always possible to tune into our inner guidance system and locate the source of our true self. By directly connecting with ourselves, we can connect deeply with other people.

Harmony Kwiker explains how trying to be socially acceptable can often cause us to lie in order to fit in, and how we pay a price for this dishonesty. She gives us the steps we need to take in order to live a more fulfilling and peaceful life. At the end of each chapter, there are exercises to complete. Harmony Kwiker’s Align is a fantastic, life-altering book for everyone, and it’s particularly helpful for those who feel like they’re always putting everyone else’s needs before their own. It is wonderfully written, and it is the most approachable. Furthermore, it has the highest possible chance of genuinely altering your behaviors. Align by Harmony Kwiker is one that I will most likely read more than once. I’m glad I discovered this book, and I’d recommend it to anybody who is interested in evaluating their thoughts and actions and how those choices either fulfill them or exhaust them.

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