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A Quick Guide to Download PDF Books for Free

A Quick Guide to Download PDF Books for Free

PDF Drive is the Google of PDF search engines. With over 78 million entries, it has by far the largest database of eBooks and audiobooks. It has books on every topic under the sun, from educational to commercial and entertainment available to download for free. You can find the old and the new – copies of timeless classics and current bestsellers. Chances are you might even find that old favorite novel you lost some time ago while moving house.

On the downside, however, there are no proactive mechanisms to vet books on the platform. You’re more or less on your own, so you need to be careful with your downloads.

If you’re new to PDF Drive, we can image you’ve got lots of questions in mind. Is PDF Drive free? Is it legal to download books from PDF Drive? How can I find and download my favorite books? This quick guide has all the answers. Let’s dive in!

What is PDF Drive?

PDF Drive is a massive database of eBooks from all across the world and different works of life. But despite its sheer size, you can easily search, preview, and download any eBook, from guides and educational materials to magazines, novels, and audiobooks. You can search for a book title directly or search through categories (Business, Faith, Environment, Lifestyle, Fitness, Fiction, etc.) For interesting read suggestions, check out the Editor’s Pick and Most Popular categories.

Once you find a title of choice, you’ll have many options: Preview the book on popup window, download and save the file on your device in PDF, or convert the PDF to EPU and MOBI, or Kindle. While previewing, you can visit the origin of the PDF file. Plus, there’s a handy sharing button to share your picks via email.

The platform also offers a free PDF reader for mobile users. That means you can instantly download and open any PDF books of your choice on the fly for free and read them.


Is PDF Drive Free?

Absolutely. You can preview and download all the e Books you want for free without having to pay anything upfront. But you must set up a free personal account. There’s also a paid option for access to more features for an enhanced your PDF search experience.

With a free account, you can use the search feature and access a few sorting options for the result. The results page shows related titles along with a brief and sorting options for each. You’ll find the number of pages, file size, the number of downloads, etc.

You can also create your own favorites list. Click on the ‘Save to My Drive’ option next to a title to add your list. Free account get a 100MB space for storing favorites – not just files from the platform, but any document you want saved online.

And if you like a particular title but don’t want to add it to your favorite list just yet, you can click on the Like button to send it to Like List, a shortlist of likely favorites to make it easier to find them.

All through, the platform delivers a seamless user experience to download books, even on a free account. You can easily find your way around and get down to anything without a fuss. There are download links for select titles everywhere, making it easy to download them at any point in time. For instance, you can download directly from the search result page, or right after previewing or adding to your favorite list.

Also, you can easily check up additional info on any title on Google, from the author’s name and biography to the where you can get a hard copy. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon and you’ll be directed to a Google search result page for the title.

With the premium account, you get all the free account features plus more, including unlimited Drive storage, ad-free experience, and maximum download speeds. You can try it out for 7 days free, and then pay monthly or yearly after.


Is it Legal to Use PDF Drive?

Questions surrounding the legality of PDF Drive aren’t about whether the platform is legal or not but about how users use it. PDF Drive is a fully registered legal entity with the right to gather data, but they’re not responsible for determining how users use it. According to the platform’s DMCA disclaimer, PDF Drive only offers users access to data for general purposes but doesn’t provide warranties for the content. That means they’re divested from the responsibility of ensuring legal use. For instance, they don’t give you the right to violate the copyright of a book, nor can they be held responsible if users infringe your copyright.

The platform provides links to the origin of each title so users can check for any applicable copyright laws to ensure legal use and can download books for free .


Is PDF Drive Safe?

PDF Drive is generally safe in the sense that most users don’t run into any problems on the site. However, it’s better to err on the side of caution. PDF Drive is a publicly curated database – that means that most of the titles are sourced from users themselves. Unfortunately, there are no stringent measures in place to authenticate every entry. The platform does publish links to the origin of the titles for users to do their own findings. Ultimately, it’s up to you to protect yourself on the platform.

Avoid files with suspicious names, and try not to download file on a device with sensitive information like the ones used for online shopping and saving personal financial information. You also have the option to report entries that might seem suspicious. Since there are so many entries uploaded on the platform every day, the management team, unfortunately, cannot vet every single piece. They only react to files flagged by users.


Download your Favorite PDF books for Free with PDF Drive

There are many places to search and download PDF books for free, but there’s hardly any one that comes close to PDF Drive. PDF Drive offers an unrivalled user experience with a seamless user interface, an unparalleled library, and handy file sorting tools.

But while the platform is a great place to get eBooks for free, we don’t encourage any illegal or careless use of the platform. Make sure to read the platform’s terms of service, respect the copyrights of any title, avoid files with suspicious names or downloading on devices with sensitive personal data.

Another source for downloading free books is z library.


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