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6 Tips For Bringing Your Essay Writing To The Next Level

6 Tips For Bringing Your Essay Writing To The Next Level

Writing an essay can be a struggle for many students. As they progress on their studies and make countless essays, reports, and articles, writing one does not seem to get easier. Writing is a skill you cannot master in a short period of time, and professionals take years to achieve the mastery they have today. But this does not mean you are stuck at doing mediocre papers. You still have room for improvement, and you can still do better. Here are some tips for essay writing to improve your essay. You will undoubtedly hit that A+ mark on your next homework! Also, you can read the article of US Magazine about the best essay writing sites.

The planning stage

  • Analyze the question

When your teacher or instructor requires you to have a write-up, they usually supply guide questions to help you with your writing process. These questions will help you filter the content you need to put in your paper. Before writing your opinions or facts you collected, make sure they are connected with the guide questions.

An excellent essay answers the needed questions straight to the point. Guide questions can vary depending on the type of essay you are doing. That is why you must understand the question carefully before answering it.

For example, you are doing a college application essay, and guide questions can be “Why did you choose to study in this university?” or “Why do you think this university will help you grow?” Answering the question will help your essay flow smoothly and keep it on track by helping you avoid adding unnecessary information or oversharing.


  • Know your audience

Knowing your audience is necessary when you want to write a good essay. Your choice of words and elements of the content can be different depending on the audience you have. When writing a paper addressed to the general public, it is better to use simple words that everyone easily understands.

When writing an article for an academic audience, there are also specific rules you need to follow. You can also write an essay that is exclusive to different groups.

For example, you are writing a paper on medicine, and it is acceptable to use jargon because you can expect that only people in that field will read your work. But, be careful about using too many technical terms. If you think it helps you sound smart, it may be confusing and hard to understand for others.


  • Chose a topic that you are interested in

Sometimes you get tired of writing an essay and look for someone to write my essay for me. Most essay school requirements already have a fixed topic you need to write on. Whether you like the subject or not, you have to write something about it.

Online writing platforms offer essay help services when the topic is too complex for you to handle. But if you are given the liberty to choose any case for a paper, select a topic that interests you the most. If you like the issue you are writing about, the writing process will be more straightforward for you.

Researching for data can be done efficiently, your knowledge on the topic can be valuable input on your paper, and the flow of ideas and creative juices will be non-stop. Overall you will not only yield an excellent article, but you will also enjoy the writing process.


The writing stage

  • Create a strong introduction

The beginning part of a movie or a book is one of the most exciting parts of the whole story. This is the part where you play with your audience’s emotions. Try to capture their feelings, make them feel excited, and get their attention so that they will dive deeper into the story and journey with it until the end.

It goes the same with writing an essay, and a substantial introduction will bring you several readers. Getting your audience’s attention in the first part of your paper is necessary for them to finish the entirety of your essay.

There are many ways you can hook the attention of your readers. You can use quotes from famous personalities, and you can give an interesting statistic. You can share a short story or a personal anecdote connected to your paper’s main point.

Remember that an introduction must be done briefly, and it is an overview of the main body of your essay. Give your audience a glimpse of your key points and keep the details for the body paragraphs.


  • Follow a good structure

Following a structure for your essay will help you maintain a logical consistency throughout your paper. Excellent writing should include a chronological presentation of ideas. You don’t jot down every thought you have without considering where they are placed in the article. Your content should build upon another and should be interrelated.

You don’t need a complicated structure to have a good essay. You only need to remember the essential parts of an article: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The introduction will serve as an overview of your paper. The body is where you put your discussion. All the key points, details, and research are placed in the body. The conclusion is where you sum up your entire paper and leave an impact on your audience.

These essential tips for essay writing will help you write a logical essay. You can study different techniques and writing styles to help you create each element better.


  • Stay away from dreary and boring conclusions

The conclusion is where you review your main vital points and sum up your paper. It should show how all your claims are related to one another. But, that is not the only purpose of the conclusion part.

Make an impact on your readers. Tell them why your paper is essential. Give them reasons why they should make a follow-up study on your topic. The conclusion is not simply the repetition of keywords. It should also bring your audience something to ponder on and open them to new opportunities for learning.

Finally, you can end your paper with a concrete example that applies your topic to show your viewers that your study is credible.

We hope that these tips for essay writing will help you create a better essay in the future. Don’t worry. No one is born to be a good writer at once. It takes hard work, commitment, and continued practice to be a master of writing. If you want to be better at essays or dream to be a writer in the future, you are a step closer to your goal by following these simple tips for essay writing we have for you. So pick up that pen, and don’t stop writing!

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