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5 Essential Tips on How to Write an Engaging Book Review

5 Essential Tips on How to Write an Engaging Book Review

Writing a book review is a challenge that students face many times in life. It’s safe to say that writing a book review is an essential skill that everyone should possess, even if you’re not a student. So to make the book review process a bit less intimidating for you, we have some tips that can come in handy.

Essential Book Information

For bookworms, it is crucial to share everything they read in a book. But first things first. Before you begin writing, you must provide the information you feel is essential for the readers.

  • Well, no points for guessing the title and the author’s name.
  • You can also mention if the book is part of a series or covers just about everything in one book alone.
  • Another thing you can mention is the year in which the book was published. You can also say who the author dedicated the book to and why.

You might be wondering if this bit of a summary would attract readers; well, even if it doesn’t, if they’re reading about something, it’s always good to provide them a background of it.

The reason for picking these details is because authors are mysterious and always have a reason behind writing any book, be it educational or fictional. However, if you feel the review is much more complicated than you had expected it to be, you can view examples of book reviews online. It will give you a better idea of approaching the assessment and giving you more ideas about points to include when you begin writing a review.


Describe The Plot

The plot is what has turned the book into something you love or hate. In whichever direction your experience went while reading, the story is what steered it that way. Writing a book review won’t necessarily be a piece of cake when you ignore the plot. So be careful and document everything about the story you feel is paramount to support what you say next. You should share a synopsis rather than beating around the bush and writing something that lacks value. Furthermore, to make it engaging, keep the climax to yourself so that the reader stays interested and the review doesn’t turn into much of a spoiler for them; otherwise, people won’t read it.

If you want to tell people that something will take them by shock, name it an unexpected twist rather than give away the climax and ruin it for the audience. If you must give a spoiler, hide the sentence so that it’s the reader’s choice to view it or not. You can describe some of the characters and the way the author has developed them over time so that readers can relate to the characters. Mention the decisions they make and the way it affects the entire plot.


Make Your Opinion Clear

When you are wondering how to write a book review, one tool that you already have in hand is your opinion. But what’s it worth if you don’t put it out there? When we try to attract people to our writings by painting the most realistic picture of the plot that we’ve seen, we need to present our opinions just as they are. Of course, without the intent to offend someone. An idea should be foul or disrespectful.

Furthermore, you don’t have to assert anything. All you do with an opinion is respectfully state it without meaning offense to the book’s author. Your opinion is your conclusion after the critique and analysis of the entire story. You can note which audience would enjoy the book, which part of the plot made the most sense to you, was realistic, or was the book a paradox. The ball is in your court here, so make sure you score a good grade by using the correct language and tone.

Make sure you don’t vaguely state anything. You have to build it up and hint to the reader what they’re in for so that they don’t feel like your opinion isn’t stemming from the novel but rather from some other motive. Take it as a formal conversation and be descriptive.


Your Praise and Critique

Without a doubt, this is the most critical aspect of your entire review writing. One of our book review tips is that because of its worth and importance to the paper, you should dedicate more time and length to this piece. You can’t just mention if you liked the book or not, it was worth your time or not, or if it was the author’s best piece so far. You have to bring some credibility to every statement you make. Credibility is only achieved when you give reasons and evidence for everything you say.

Share details from the book that would encourage the audience to see where you’re coming from and steered an opinion in that direction. Don’t be too assertive though, let them feel like they have the power here. Let them form their own opinion and decide if they want to read the book or not. Your job is to give them a review of the entire thing, not force them to or away from it. You can make statements like the descriptive, vivid language, and the appropriate change of tone helped me imagine the story as if I was a part of the plot; however, some parts of the plot did not resonate with me.


Your Rating

The rating system does wonders for reviews. People prefer ratings because it provides them statistical guidance if the book is good enough to invest time on or not. When you write a book review, you should give reasons for the ratings you provide in it. You can’t just randomly assign a number to a book without any firm ground. It is absurd and will drive the audience away. People try to find reasons behind everything. If that person is your teacher who has asked for a review, well, then you’re in trouble. Every step of the process must be well thought of, and you have to make minimal mistakes. Say goodbye to old impulsive writing while you’re reviewing books and wave hello to the more sensible version that stands firm, backed up by reason.



Now you have five great tips under your belt, and they will surely guide you to the right path with a book review! Get ready to impress your teachers and everyone else reading your review. You’re in for that A grade if you stick by these book review tips and write your heart out.

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